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Cuplock Scaffolding Supplier & Scaffolding Manufacturer

Cuplok-R2Lok Scaffolding - St Helens Plant

Cuplock Scaffolding Supplier- UK Manufactured 


We manufacture and supply traditional and bespoke fabrication of Systems Scaffolding, Components & Fittings , we also specialise in Bespoke Scaffolding Solutions for local, national and continental markets. St Helens Plant are Scaffolding Manufacturers & suppliers of UK & International compliant Cuplok / R2Lok System Scaffolding. Manufactured within our  UK plant, and supplied worldwide!


The Skills to Manufacture & The Power To Supply, On Demand!


  • Cuplok
  • R2 Lok
Cuplok / R2Lok  is a multi-purpose, fully galvanized, steel Scaffolding System, with the unique ability to allow up to 4 components to joined together in one quick and simple action. Cuplok is suitable in a wide variety of applications due to its extreme flexibility.  
St Helen’s Plant Limited have our own accredited version of the Cuplok Scaffolding System.

R2Lok is compatible with the original Cuplok system and all Cuplok variations. R2Lok is a more cost effective alternative to Cuplok, offering the same robust build quality and longevity. Quality, Safety & Reliability come as standard & have guaranteed our supply within the industry for over three decades.





 Cuplok & R2Lok Components 

All Cuplok and R2 Lok Scaffolding Components are available in bespoke sizes & specifications. For more details on Bespoke Scaffolding, please Contact Us.


  • Cuplok Standards
  • Cuplok Ledgers
  • Cuplok Diagonal Brace
  • Cuplok Ladder Access Transom
  • Cuplok Hop Up Bracket
  • Swivel Base Jack 
  • Ladder Access Gate 
  • Cuplok Bridging Ledger 

cuplok-standards-st helens plant

Cuplock / R2 Lok Standards, manufactured from high grade steel. To be used in along with Cuplok / R2Lok Ledgers.

Available in a variety of protective paint finishes to meet corporate and individual needs. 


cuplok-ledgers ST HELENS PLANTCuplock / R2Lok Ledger
is used in conjunction with Kwikstage / R2Stage Standards. Manufactured from high grade steel. 

Available in various sizes & Protective Paint Finishes.


cuplok-swivel-face-brace-st helens plantCuplock / R2 Lok Swivel Face
 Brace are used to lock Standard and Ledgers together, preventing movement by holding them securely in place.

Available in a variety of Protective Paint Finishes and Bespoke requirements.


1.3m-Ladder-Access-Transom-st helens plantLadder Access Transom
 – Omega scaffolding component is designed to support an access point of a ladder, onto the scaffolding structure.

Manufactured from high grade steel and available in a variety of Protective Paint Finishes.


Cuplock Hop Up Bracket allows you to add extra Scaffold Battens to your existing scaffolding structure. Movement is prevented with the use of a cup joint, incorporating an extra ledger. 
2-Board-Hop-Up-Bracket-St Helens Plant


Available in a variety of Protective Paint Finishes.


Swivel-Base-Jack- St Helens PlantThe Swivel Base Jack gives the ability and added flexibility for adjustment required for variations on ground level. Similar to the Base Jack, with the added feature of a swivel base.

Manufactured from high grade steel and available in a variety of Protective Paint Finishes.



ladder-access-gate- St Helens PlantLadder Access Gate is designed to be used when a ladder or stairway leads to an opening on the scaffolding structure. Spring Loaded Ladder Access Gate also available.

Available in Bespoke sizes and a variety of Protective Paint Finishes.


Bridging-Ledger- St Helens PlantCuplock / R2Lok Bridging Ledger manufactured from premium galvanised steel, intended for where there are large open areas such as doorways. The Bridging Ledger forms a ‘bridge’ over the opening.

Caution should be used when erecting additional parts above the Bridging Ledger.

Manufactured from high grade steel and available in a variety of Protective Paint Finishes.


Cuplock Staircases 

Cuplock / R2Lok Staircases – available in standard sizes, bespoke and custom requirements. Contact Us for further details.

  • 2 Meter Cuplok / R2Lok Staircase
  • Cuplok / Cuplok / R2Lok  Stair Units 
2 mtr Cuplok Staircase - St Helens PlantCuplok / R2Lok staircase is constructed from high grade steel, 4 leg, 2 meter stair case with Guardrail System, bespoke and custom requirements available.

Contact Us for more details.



2 mtr Cupock Staircase- St Helens PlantManufactured from high grade aluminium, compatible with Cuplok / R2Lok System Scaffolding.

Custom Protective Paint Finishes available.



Cuplock Guard 

Cuplok / R2Lok Guard is a commonly used & popular choice of guard rail system, used with Cuplok / R2Lok Scaffolding Systems. Manufactured from high grade galvanized steel, a wide variety of protective paint finishes are available.

Bespoke specifications also catered for, Contact Us for more details.

cuplok-guard-st helens plant


Further Information 

Please contact us of you would like any further information on our Cuplok  Scaffolding Supplies & products. Bespoke Scaffold Design is our specialty!  Contact Us.

01744 850 300 or email us at – INFO@STHP.CO.UK




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