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Fully Galvanised Offshore System Scaffolding

Offshore Scaffolding Manufacturer & Scaffolding Supplier 

St Helens Plant specialise in Scaffold Manufacturing, Scaffolding Supplies and Scaffold Repair & Reconditioning. With expert divisions also specialising in Scaffold Testing, Bespoke Fabrication and Scaffold Delivery and Export.

A popular choice of scaffolding within the offshore sector is Cuplok / Cuplock /R2Lok System Scaffolding. Available in a protective paint finish or as a fully galvanised scaffolding system. Cuplok / R2Lok is extremely versatile, prefabricated and quick to assemble. All Scaffolding Supplies and System Scaffolding manufactured by St Helens Plant, are in line with British, EU and International safety standards.


Scaffolding Supplies intended for use on Rigs should be fully rated, with clear knowledge of the exact and potential weight it can bear.

Fully Galvanised Offshore System Scaffolding 

Fully galvanised system scaffolding is especially beneficial within offshore environments, the galvanized system is resistant to rust, corrosion and extreme weather elements. Also any flaws, defects or areas in need of repair are visible at an early stage. Whereas protective painted finishes offers protection in the same way galvanised versions do, although flaws and defects may only be visible after shot blasting.

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Oil Rig Scaffolding Supplies, allow safe access to various parts of the rig for maintenance, construction, repair and drilling. Scaffolding is necessary equipment on Oil Rigs, especially during the construction phase. Enabling the needed access for workers to develop and build the rig. Following completion of the rig, the scaffolding can be stored and used as and when required for necessary drilling and maintenance operations.

Offshore Scaffolding Division

A specific offshore Scaffolding division is also needed for the erection of offshore scaffolding. Their also responsible for the regular inspection of the scaffolding whilst it is in use, and to ensure the scaffolding in place stays safe and secure. To also make adjustments and dismantle the scaffold when required.

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Scaffolding Safety

Safety is of paramount in any case, but more so within an offshore environment. Working at height training and certification must be obtained. It’s also essential workers use harnesses at all times, due to the height and location of the rigging and scaffold.

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For more details on Cuplok System Scaffolding or Scaffolding Supplies manufactured by St Helens Plant supplied worldwide, visit us – WWW.STHELENSPLANT.CO.UK

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