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Ray Frost: A Valued Friend and Former SHP Employee, Will be Sadly Missed

On behalf of myself, Gordon Pilling and all of St Helens Plant. It is with deep sadness in our hearts to announce the passing of our dear friend and ex-employee, Ray Frost at the young age of 67.


For over 25 years plus previous employment Ray had worked with the businesses giving his full 100% commitment to all. Due to an early illness with his heart, Ray had to retire from St Helens Plant in February 2010.

Ray had a special humour where he could on the outside, give an expression of a miserable bugger, but those of us who knew him well, and were fortunate to gain his friendship, saw a great guy who would do anything for you.

Ray was only one of a few, who I can honestly say gave me the help and assistance to enable myself to gain vast experience in our facility, and I know I can say this from many other of his colleagues, that he had also helped.

Our thoughts are with Val and his family and our sincere condolences go out to all of you.

Gordon Pilling, St Helens Plant



Ray Frost: 31/03/1950 – 06/11/2017

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