Commercial Scaffolding Specialists

Commercial scaffolding covers a vast range of commercial based construction projects such as; retail developments, corporate developments to commercial repairs, extensions, updated modifications, events and public sectors.

St Helens Plant have almost four decades of experience as the UK’s leading scaffolding manufacturer, we are exceptionally skilled and experienced in providing safe, reliable and affordable scaffolding systems and access solutions specifically for commercial sectors, developments and projects.

We understand the daily risks and considerations any building site poses, when working at height and with public in proximity, the risks increase ten-fold. Our decades of experience and local, national and international reputation for providing safe, reliable and practical access systems and scaffolding provides us with the ability to design, engineer, fabricate and supply the UK’s largest range of bespoke fabricated scaffolds and access systems. Designed to permit the exact type of access your project requires, catering for basic scaffolding access to buildings and structures that have complex geometries.

Whatever type of commercial access you require, whether that be for building and construction or repairs and maintenance, St Helens Plant has the skills to manufacture and the power to supply, on demand.

Commercial Scaffolding

Commercial Scaffolding and Access Systems

From major to minor commercial scaffolding requirements of both small and large scale, starting with the right type of access is just as important as a tradesman having the right tools to do the job. When working at height is required there can be no shortcuts. When working at height with potential public in proximity, ensuring the access and works that’s being conducted are done so in a safe, practical manner for those carrying out works and those in proximity, directly or indirectly is essential.

More often than not, public being in proximity to commercial works, is unavoidable. Quite often the demands and challenges of commercial projects can change due to many factors out with anyone’s control. By having a safe, reliable and practical access system in place to provide the access tradesmen need to complete works, not only permits a far more efficient, cost effective project but also permits a safer project for all concerned.

There are times when access requirements call for a more bespoke approach to provide safety to tradesmen, contractors and the public. Bespoke doesn’t have to mean extortionately expensive, bespoke simply means designed and engineered for a specific purpose and project. St Helens Plant specialise in bespoke fabrication providing some of the UK’s largest commercial sectors with many made-to-measure, bespoke access and scaffolding systems. Some various types of scaffolding we manufacture and supply include;

  • Modular Scaffolding – Cuplock, Kwikstage, Ringlok
  • Tube and Fitting Scaffold Systems
  • Suspended Cradle Access and Scaffolding
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms
  • Temporary Roofs, Edge Protection and Fall prevention
  • Chimney Scaffolds
  • Rope Access Systems
  • Access Staircases
  • Birdcage Scaffolds
  • Confined Scaffolds
  • Heavy Duty Supports


From local authorities to retail establishments to local tradesmen and commercial construction, whatever type of access, temporary or permanent you require, St Helens Plant has the expertise and experience to provide the exact solution your project requires, for as long as required. Whether that be a factory fresh scaffolding system, a refurbished scaffolding system, a scaffolding system with updated modifications engineered to meet the challenges your project encounters or a bespoke fabricated scaffolding solution. Our skilled scaffolding designers, engineers and fabricators can provide a wide range of options catering for all types of budgets, sectors and challenges.


Commercial Scaffolding Services

St Helens Plant over the past five years has expanded and grown immensely into one of the UK’s largest scaffolding specialists catering for not only scaffold fabrication and refurbishment, we also provide a spectrum of scaffolding services such as;

  • Scaffolding Supplies
  • Scaffolding Hire and Sales
  • Scaffold Contracting Services
  • Scaffold Delivery and Export
  • Industrial and Commercial Metal Fabrication

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for safety, reliability and quality. From concept to completion the St Helens Plant network can provide a full spectrum of access and scaffolding services including the systems required to gain access alongside some of the UK’s most advanced and elite scaffolders, scaffold contractors and scaffolding hire and sales.

St Helens Plant and all divisions of St Helens Plant are public liability insured of up to £10M. All employees are trained to the highest possible standard, skilled and highly experienced. All products, systems and scaffolding solutions provided by St Helens Plant have been manufactured, repair, reconditioned and tested by St Helens Plant. We make it our mission to not only meet but exceed UK and EU safety standards on every fitting, system and component, large or small.