Company Registrations and Industry Approvals

Development of our workforce, continuous training, registrations and accreditations are an ongoing process and priority. St Helens Plant and our personnel are highly trained, skilled and qualified. Our registrations, awards and accreditation’s include;

  • UKAS Registered and Approved
  • BBA and HAPAS approved and accredited installers of anti-skid road plate finishes
  • Accredited for Testing and Theoretical Checking of General Lifting Gear, Manual Lifting Machines and Power Lifting Machines


Memberships and Certificates

We work hard to constantly keep up to date with industry standards, safety procedures and ensure all products and systems we manufacture and supply meet with our own exacting high standards alongside safety standards set by the ISO and the British Board of Agreement.

We’re also full non-contracting NASC members, with an impartial, expert resource on hand for specialists advice, support and guidance.


ISO Registration



NASC Membership



HAPAS Roads and Bridges Certificate

HAPAS Certificate

Scaffolding Association Members