Scaffolding Sales and Hire

We have a consistent and reliable stock of UK manufactured system scaffolding, scaffolding supplies, scaffolding fittings and components available for local, national and international dispatch. Alongside a variety of scaffold safety solutions, fall prevention systems, access solutions, related scaffolding products such as; scaffolding accessories, stillage, steel pallets and bins.


We provide a wide range of scaffolding sales alongside flexible scaffold hire options, B2B and customer account facilities with the ability to tailor each hire or sale package to suit your individual needs and specific requirements.

St Helens Plant has two main scaffold sale and hire centers, our main manufacturing and distribution center is located in St Helens, Merseyside, within our 8.9 acre, all-encompassing scaffold manufacturing plant and scaffolding services facility. Our central Scotland scaffolding sales center and scaffold hire facility is located in Motherwell. Our 7.5 acre depot has became one of  the largest scaffolding sales, supplies and hire center of Scotland. Servicing commercial, industrial fully managed scaffolding contracts alongside a dedicated scaffold hire and sales division catering for B2B and end-user requirements.

Additional services are also available including; scaffold delivery, scaffold erecting, collection of equipment, onsite planning and scaffold design. All system scaffolding and scaffolding supplies available for hire and sale are manufactured in line with all UK and EU safety standards and inclusive of;

  • Premium UK manufactured scaffolding and scaffolding supplies
  • Robust protective paint finish (Various options available, applicable to sale stock)
  • Tested and inspected before and after each hire (applicable to hire stock)

For those looking for more bespoke scaffolding and access solutions – whatever the type of access you require, our team of scaffold manufacturers and intuitive scaffolding engineers have the skills and expertise to work to any prototype with a turnaround in as little as three days. Design, fabrication, delivery and installation services are also available for those looking for a full-service, fully managed package.




Scaffolding Supplies, Systems, Fittings and Components

We manufacture and supply a diverse range of scaffolding systems, scaffold fittings and scaffolding supplies. From Cuplock and Kwikstage system scaffolding to updated modifications of various components necessary for more integrate and complicated access requirements.

There’s nothing like modern day progression and the convenience modular, prefabricated system scaffolding provides. There are still occasions when traditional tube and fitting scaffolding supplies and components provide a more efficient solution, in some cases – a far better solution.

St Helens Plant began our journey to become the UK’s leading scaffolding manufacturing within the realm of traditional tube and fitting scaffolding systems.

Even in the fast paced modern times we’re in, we still have a large portion of customers, clients, B2B partnerships, end users and joint ventures utilising traditional tube and fitting systems. From a single fitting to a bespoke fabricated tube and fitting access solution, tailored to the exact access needs your project requires our master craftsmen and scaffolding manufactures can supply any type of scaffold tube, fitting or updated modification.


Cuplock and Kwikstage System Scaffolding

We supply and manufacture both the original version of Cuplock and Kwikstage alongside our own accredited version, R2Lok and R2Stage. Both the branded, original version and our own equivalent – manufactured in line with all UK and EU safety standards.

We evolved our own version of the globally popular Cuplock and Kwikstage modular system to provide smaller scaffolding suppliers, hire and sale and scaffolding contractors a more cost effective alternative, to the higher priced branded options. R2Lok and R2Stage provides the same level of quality, reliability and robust composition as the original versions of Cuplock and Kwikstage, manufactured to the exact same safety regulations with the benefit of a much lesser price tag.


Ringlok System Scaffolding

Another front runner in terms of modern day system scaffolding is the American based Ringlok system. Similar to Cuplock and Kwikstage in terms of its prefabricated nature, Ringlok is unique in its design due to its “ring” like rosette connection, that permits numerous components to be quickly and easily connected.

Ringlock system scaffolding is now available, manufactured and supplied within the UK – by St Helens Plant.




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