1.3m Cuplock Omega Return Transom

Cuplock Omega Return Transoms are an essential scaffolding component which allows for the secure connection of one end of a scaffolding to another, permitting a 90 degree angle connection.


Cuplock Omega Return Transom securely and effectively close the gap enhancing and strengthening the scaffolding structure – when one end of the scaffolding run is connected to the other.

Manufactured with a U shaped design, enabling the transom to hook over the Cuplock Ledger and fit securely. Cuplock Omega Return Transoms are manufactured from industrial steel, we also offer a variety of protective paint and fully galvanised finishes.

Safety, Delivery and Export 

St Helens Plant manufactures and supplies a wide range of Cuplock and R2Lock scaffolding supplies and systems. All Cuplock scaffolding supplies are manufactured in line with UK and EU safety standards, local, national and international delivery and export is also available.