500mm Base Jack

Base Jacks (500mm) allow for the required adjustment of a scaffolding structure at ground level. Base Jacks are compatible with modular system scaffolding such as Cuplock, Kwikstage and Ringlok systems, as well as traditional Tube and Fitting scaffolding systems.

This product is available in a wide range of protective finishes or fully galvanised. Bespoke specifications are also available, contact us for more details.


500mm Swivel Base Jacks are similar in purpose, with Base Jacks intended for use upon more even ground where added flexibility is not required.

Base Jacks also an essential load bearing component, designed to fit at the bottom of scaffolding standards. Manufactured from premium, high strength steel. Base Jacks and Swivel Base Jacks have the ability to safely handle weights of approximately 4 tons.

All scaffolding, scaffolding supplies and access equipment manufactured by St Helens Plant, supplied locally, nationally and internationally is manufactured, repaired or reconditioned under strict ISO licence and regulation.