Adapt® Multidirectional System

The Adapt® Multidirectional System is a scaffolding system that permits extreme flexibility and versatility, by making possible all various types of configuration.


The Adapt® Multidirectional System is a unique system that permits complete adaptation to any type of configuration.

The Adapt® Multidirectional System has became the scaffolding system of choice for specialists within organisation events, civil construction and urban rehabilitation, refineries, ship-building and offshore alongside aeronautics industries.

The system can be used as be used in a variety of applications, with extreme flexibility, the The Adapt® Multidirectional System’s extreme versatility permits a wide variety of unlimited uses such as;

  • Scaffolding
  • Suspended Scaffolding
  • Interiors or Exterior Access Towers
  • Shoring System
  • or as Façade Stabilisers

The extreme and unlimited flexibility of the Adapt® Multidirectional System makes all types of configurations possible, an essential attribute especially when working with complexed buildings and geometries.