Anti-Skid Road Plates

St Helens Plant Limited are accredited installers of the Rocbinda Colorvial Anti-Skid, High Friction Surfacing System and approved manufacturers and suppliers of Anti-Skid Road Plates. Plain coated Road Plates also available. Complete with full material test certificate and anchorage points.


As an approved and accredited installer of Anti-Skid Road Plates and the Rocbinda Colorvial Anti-Skid, High Friction Surfacing System. We manufacture Anti-Skid Road Plates in accordance with HAPAS (Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme) Roads and Bridges agreement certificate No99 / H031.

Our personnel are highly trained and skilled in the application and manufacturing of Anti-Skid Road Plates, and proficient in all stages of application, manufacturing and finishing processes.

Anti-Skid Road Plates manufactured by St Helens Plant, supplied worldwide are constructed from high grade steel before being processed for the application of the Rocbinda Anti-skid surface system. We also offer a wide range of protective paint finishes, which can be applied to the outer edges of the road plate to increase durability and also allow for easy identification.

We manufacture and supply plain and coated Anti-skid Road Plates, complete with anchorage points, inclusive of a full materials test certificate.

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