Cofiber® Light Formwork System

Cofiber® Light Formwork System is a flat formwork designed to be used for the rapid formwork of flat slabs.

Cofiber® Light Formwork System is complete with a rotational cycle that permits the reuse of the formwork for 3-5 days after concreting (dependant on the type of concrete).


Cofiber® Light Formwork System is another very economical and cost effective system consisting of very few components. Cofiber® Light Formwork is manufactured from steel that is then welded and hot-dip galvanized.

Designed for the rapid formwork of flat slabs, engineered with a practical rotational solution.

Reducing manual carpentry requirements and the additional labour whilst also reducing the need to get rid of any wood wastage, resulting in a highly competitive system. The Cofiber® recoverable formwork system easily adapts to any type of flat surface, forming a solid, resistant structural unit.

The system consists of two main elements, primary beams, known as “assembly beams” and secondary beams, known a “support beams”. Additionally there is a shoring rule and a tricot panel as a final element at a thickness of 27mm.

The complete system also emcompasses other secondary elements that permit the flat formworking of slabs, CoCo slabs and Fungiform slabs.


Formwork Rotation Cycles

The rotational Cofiber ® formwork components permit for materials which have had the formwork removed to be reused from three to five days, concrete type dependant, after concreting. For example;

In a rotation cycle with 1+2 sets of posts-shoring rules, 3 concrete operations are achievable in one month.

In a rotation cycle of 1+3, one concreting operation is achievable per week, resulting in four per month.


*** Our Formwork range is supplied by St Helens Plant Scotland, available to customers throughout Scotland, Ireland and overseas, for customers in England looking for formwork systems – please contact us ***