evoRAIL Guardrail System – Top Fix

evoRAIL Guardrail System – Top Fix is a versatile “top fix” roof edge protection and fall prevention system designed to be sited on almost all types of roof surface.


The evoRAIL Top Fix system is a unique and innovative roof guardrail system engineered with the ability to be fitted to directly to block or steel sections. For metal profile roofs the Top Fix System can be fitted to secret fix, standing seams and composite, toeboards can also be fitted easily, where required.

The evoRail systems have been highly engineered and composed of revolutionary, lightweight pre-galvanised tube which is far lighter than hot-dipped galvanised alternatives. Added to the super-lightweight of the system, each system within the range comes complete with rubber post feet and counterweights.

Various versions are available to cater for almost all types of roofs and surfaces.

All systems within the evoRAIL range have been manufactured in-line, certified and tested to safety standards – EN 13374 and EN 14122-3.

Various finishes are also available including; aluminium, stainless steel and powder coated finishes.