evoWALK Membrane

The evoWALK membrane roof walkway system is a revolutionary roof safety system designed to provide additional grip due to an anti-slip surface alongside reduction in damage caused by maintenance, repairs and general wear and tear.

Self weighted variation also available.


The evoWALK membrane roof safety system is one that’s been specifically designed to ensure that no damage is caused to roof surfaces by the use of what’s known as “skis”.

“Skis” as they are termed, fit easily under the regular l beam sections providing the ability to evenly and supportively spread the load of the walkway, maintaining the overall integrity of the membrane.

The evoWALK membrane system is also available as a completely self-weighted system, firmly and securely keeping the walkway in position – with no need for screw fixings. An additional benefit is corners and t sections are also easily managed.

Manufactured from PVC membrane.