Forteko® Vertical Formwork System

Forteko® Vertical Formwork System is a vertical formwork system that permits a wide range of works such as walls, side walls, pillars and beams. Forteko® Panels also permit both horizontal and vertical compositions, permitting increased versatility.


Forteko® vertical formwork system is a robust system that is designed, engineered and fabricated that allows versatility onsite. The system permits for a vast array of works such as walls, side walls, pillars and beams.

The Forteko® panels can be combined in both horizontal and vertical positions with no restrictions.

The Forteko® panels make a wide variety of compositions possible due to being available in two different heights and 15 different widths. The panels allow efficient formworking of pillars measurements varying at every 5cm, with a maximum configuration of 1,20×1,20 m (using only 1 panel). With the use of corner fastenings, Forteko® can also be used to form pillars.

The Forteko® system can tolerate a maximum pressure of 90kN / m2 during the concrete pour (DIN 18218).


Available Heights

  • 1,0m
  • 3,0m

Available Widths 

  • 0,30m
  • 0,35m
  • 0,45m
  • 0,50m
  • 0,55m
  • 0,60m
  • 0,90m
  • 1,0m
  • 1,20m
  •  2,40m – normal
  • 0,55m
  • 0,75m
  • 0,95m
  • 1,35m


*** Our Formwork range is supplied by St Helens Plant Scotland, available to customers throughout Scotland, Ireland and overseas, for customers in England looking for formwork systems – please contact us ***