Forteko® Vertical Formwork (Columns)

Forteko® Vertical Formwork System permits the formworking of pillars with no need for additional elements or systems.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Forteko® Panels, the preassembled platform permit safety when concreting at height alongside a perfect concrete finish.



Forteko® Vertical Formwork System is designed to permit the formworking of pillars with no need for additional components or systems.

The flexible use of the Forteko® Panels permits for the most productive yield.

Forteko® Vertical Formwork allows for the rapid concreting with fresh concrete with a load capacity of 90 kN/m². When connecting the panels, a variable alignment fastening is used to permit for the compensation joint adjustment. Safety when concreting at height is provided by the prefabricated and pre-assembled platform that is transported and placed by crane for placement at the top of the pillar.

The assembly of the Forteko® formwork system is in the shape of windmill blades that allow for the formation of columns with variable pitches at every 5cm, until attaining 120cm.

*** Our Formwork range is supplied by St Helens Plant Scotland, available to customers throughout Scotland, Ireland and overseas, for customers in England looking for formwork systems – please contact us ***