Kwikstage Scaffolding – R2Stage

The popular and widely used Kwikstage scaffolding and related Kwikstage scaffolding supplies offer a range of benefits including; ease of installation, no need for loose fittings or bolts and can be quickly and easily adapted to a wide range of working environments.


Kwikstage system scaffolding is a popular choice within UK and International scaffolding markets. Mainly due to the unique composition which eliminates the needs for internal bracing coupled with ease of installation and extreme flexibility.

St Helens Plant also manufacture and supply our own accredited equivalent of the Kwikstage scaffolding system; R2Stage. R2Stage offers the same robust composition, build quality and safety as the branded version, and available as a fully galvanised scaffolding system or finished with a protective paint finish.

Kwikstage and our own equivalent R2Stage provides extreme levels of flexibility allowing the scaffolding to be easily adapted around obstacles such as balconies, garages and protruding areas of a building. The simplicity and pre-fabricated nature of Kwikstage provides the additional benefit of no need for loose fittings or bolts and can be erected, adapted and dismantled with ease and speed.

All Kwikstage and R2Stage system scaffolding and related scaffolding supplies manufactured by St Helens Plant supplied worldwide, are manufactured in accordance with British safety standards.

For more details on new and refurbished Kwikstage system scaffolding and the various finishes we have available, please contact us.