Modutec® Columns Formwork

Modutec® Columns Formwork is a prefabricated, modular formwork system used in the formworking of columns.

Fully compatible with Modutec® Vertical Formwork system and Modutec® Vertical Panels.


Modutec® Columns Formwork is a modular formwork system that is fully compatible with the Modutec® Vertical Formwork system.

A fixed alignment panel is used to connect the panels, the variable alignment fastening permits for offsetting with a wooden beam to adjust the formwork to the wall length. Modutec® Panels are assembled in the shape of windmill blades to form pillars with variable measurements at every 5cm up to a maximum configuration of 80cm x 80cm. Modutec® vertical panels can also be used in conjunction with edge fastenings.

*** Our Formwork range is supplied by St Helens Plant Scotland, available to customers throughout Scotland, Ireland and overseas, for customers in England looking for formwork systems – please contact us ***