Roflex® Circular Formwork

Roflex® Circular Formwork is a unique type of formwork designed and fabricated to cater for construction projects that require various curvatures in the construction.

Consisting of very few elements this system reduces costs, increases productivity and is compatible with Forteko® wall vertical formwork system and Forteko® vertical panels permitting immense versatility in composition.


Roflex® Circular Formwork is a type of formwork specifically designed to cater for construction works that require various types of curvatures such as waste water treatment plants, access ramps to multi-story car parks, silos and any other type of circular construction.

The system deploys just few elements, all of which are fully reusable – resulting in reduced labour costs and increased productivity. The Roflex® Circular Formwork is 100% compatible with the Forteko® wall vertical formwork system, permitting for a vast and extensive range of compositions using the Forteko® vertical panels.

Roflex® Circular Formwork, Forteko® wall vertical formwork system and Forteko® vertical panels are all available from St Helens Plant.


*** Our Formwork range is supplied by St Helens Plant Scotland, available to customers throughout Scotland, Ireland and overseas, for customers in England looking for formwork systems – please contact us ***