Saftec® Monoblock Platforms

Saftec® Monoblock Platforms provide a platform dimension with a width of 1.75m with an extendable width of 2.5m.

The monoblock composition of the Saftec® platform and extendable width is permitted with the help of rear extension.


Saftec® Monoblock Platforms is prefabricated and ready to assemble immediately with the use of a crane.

Easy to unfold and assemble, it is suspended and placed into the required position by slotting easily into the respective footings. Whatever type of building configuration the system is being installed to, it is fully prepared for adaptation with a varied set of complementary accessories.

The Saftec® monoblock platform has a platform width of 1.75m with an extendable platform width of 2.5m, maximum platform length of 4.0m, that can expand 1.25m at either side, until a total of 65m is reached.


Transport and Storage

Once folded, the Saftec® has dimensions of 2,40m wide and 0,55m high, allowing 5-level stacking to form the truck’s load. The support points, at the overlay of the platforms, ensure stability during transport.

To unload the truck, it is possible to raise the set of 5 stacked platforms using the 4 raising points foreseen to this end.


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