Shorflex® HT Shoring System

Shorflex® HT Shoring System main components consist of Perflex® profiles.

The connections between the various components are established by means of pins to provide increased speed during times of assembly and dismantling. Shorflex® HT Shoring System is the ideal system of choice for conducting works at great heights, with necessary application of major loads.


Shorflex® HT Shoring System is designed to be used to conduct works at great height levels that require major load applications, the system is engineered to achieve high levels of performance.

Shorflex® HT Shoring System is designed to permit the assembly of shoring with greater spacing between the spans. The vertical alignments and main components of the lattice structure are Perflex® profiles. By utilizing diagonals, this permits greater load capacity alongside immense structural stability. In addition, the base levellers of the vertical alignments are fully adjustable, providing flexibility and increased stability.

The system is also engineered with adjustable forks positioned at the upper end of the vertical alignments. Adjustable forks can also be combined / used in conjunction with other components to permit adjustment of the formwork surface to meet project / works requirements.

The fine adjustment of the vertical alignments of the shoring structure is carried out by means of highly-resistant levellers with a load capacity of 250 kN per vertical alignment.

The Shorflex® HT Shoring System can also be separated into smaller sections for easier movement / adaptation – with the aid of a crane.


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