Shorflex® TP Climbing System

Shorflex® TP Climbing System is a type of climbing formwork where the whole structure is guided in the building via crane.

The crane conducts the safe and rapid moving of the structure in its entirety – regardless of atmospheric conditions.


Shorflex® TP Climbing System is an ideal system that permit work and project on high buildings of any geometries, inclination or shape.

The Shorflex® TP Climbing System in high ground working frameworks the system is guided, maneuvered and elevated into position by use of a crane. The structure is comprised of a simple yet effective concept that’s easy to use and quick to assemble. The system provides high levels of safety and flexibility when working at height, additional cost savings and productivity are increased due to the structure working as a single block, and time saved with reduction in moving the crane.

The Shorflex® TP Climbing System can also be used as a platform in support wall frameworking. The incorporated working platform can fully locked, with an access system incorporated into structure, permitting maximum safety of high height levels.

The design and engineering of the system has been so with very few components / elements, resulting in a highly flexible system that can be adapted to any type of works. Alongside the exceptional versatility of the Shorflex® TP Climbing System, it also offers regular working cycles at great heights, achieving optimization of performance and working times.

The Shorflex® TP formwork block is 2.40 m wide and is assembled on a trolley with a recoil capacity of 80 cm by manual activation.


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