Towrok® Shoring Tower

Towrok® shoring towers are built with elements that once assembled form a rigid, safe and stable structure, manufactured to safety standard; EN 12813.

The Towrok® shoring tower under normal usage conditions is self-standing up to 5m high. For heights in excess of this, towers between 5m and 10m high must always be tied to each other using tube and clamp in conjunction with diagonals.


The elements / components of the Towrok® Shoring system are made with stand loads of 60 kN per element or 180 kN per tower. Resulting in the best option for shoring at a height with heavy loads with minimum safety requirements. The Towrok® system can be adapted to any type of formwork, additionally the combination of various components permits the implementation of the shoring towers at heights between 1,70m and 10m high.

For heights exceeding 10m, it is necessary to calculate the stability of the Towrok® structure.
For towers whose height exceeds 5m, the elements need to be tied to each other every 3m of height using Ø48×3,2mm tubes and 48/57mm fixed clamps.

For heights exceeding 10 metres a stability calculation must be carried out based on the product manual. Where necessary, said calculation can be carried out by the Metalusa engineering services.

The Towrok® Shoring Tower system is engineered with a small number of elements, allowing quick and simple assembly alongside low maintenance and increased productivity. The incorporation of two innovative solutions to aid movement in the tower, include; at the base of the system the leveller has an attachment plate used to connect the leveller safely and quickly to the shoring element. The connecting bar links the elements at a height, which is then secured in place by a built-in safety latch.


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