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A Scaffolders Guide To Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The majority of construction projects, use scaffolding to provide the required access needed to construct, repair or maintain commercial, industrial or residential projects.

Scaffolders Guide To PPE

An estimated 65% of the construction industry utilizes some form of scaffolding, scaffolding supplies and various types of access systems to provide the access required to conduct repairs, maintenance and construction.

There’s no doubt in the risks or dangers associated when working on a construction site, when working at height is applicable, as in the case of working from a scaffolding structure additional care, consideration and hazard awareness is essential.

Those working from height from a scaffold system must be fully trained and competent in line with regulations as set out by the HSE. Workers must also utilize the correct protective clothing also known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), this includes;


  • Hard Hat within UK Safety Regulations  – Any worker working on a construction site, especially when working at height should must always wear a hard hat to provide protection against falling objects, debris and material. Hard hats must be in line with all UK safety regulations and be appropriately sized and fit correctly.
  • Eye Protection – Depending on the task at hand and the environment, if there’s a risk a worker will be exposed to flying debris or loose material that may cause damage to the eyes, protective goggles or safety glasses must be worn. Workers exposed to welding environments must be equipped and utilize safety glasses with additional UV protection.
  •  Hand Protection – Hand protection is applicable to workers and scaffolders that may be exposed to hazards or harmful substances such as chemicals, extreme low temperatures, excessive high temperatures or electrical currents. Workers subjected to conditions of this nature must be equipped with and wear protective gloves relevant to the conditions and hazards.
  • Safety Harness – Last but not least, another vital piece of personal protective safety equipment applicable to workers working form height, or any type of scaffolding where the worker would be exposed to a fall of over 6 feet or more – must be equipped with and wear a safety harness. It’s important to never directly attach a personal fall arrest system or scaffolding safety harness to the scaffolding structure.
  • Protective Boots -Steel toe cap, protective boots with an anti-slip tread must also be worn to provide protection against objects and the risks associated when working with heavy materials within a construction environment.


The Scaffolders Guide to PPE

In Summary  

It’s important to remember not only does the scaffolding systems or scaffolding supplies have to meet with current UK safety regulations, workers also have to be fully trained, qualified and equipped with the correct and adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

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