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The Advantages of Cuplock & Kwikstage Scaffolding

Cuplock scaffolding and kwikstage scaffolding are two popular types of systems which are used.

Cuplock Scaffolding

If you are managing scaffolding yourself then the best type to use is our cuplock scaffolding systems.

The advantages of this type of scaffolding are clear. Versatility and durability means that this type of system efficiently helps construction and a variety of other support structures.

You will tend to find this kind of scaffolding system is widely applied to a variety of construction projects, such as houses, bridges, tunnels, chimneys and dams.

A major advantage of cuplock scaffolding is that its joints of bars adopt cuplock jointing which are very reliable, resulting in high-performance scaffolding structure. The few bar accessories make it’s loading and unloading convenient and its building height is large.

The special node point connection method makes this type of system very efficient to erect. You will find that up to four components can be connected in one single action with cuplock scaffolding, meaning you can do your job much faster.

You will also find that jobs which used to require tube and clamps can be completed in one-third the time with Cuplock scaffolding.

Another advantage of using this type of system is that it is tried, tested and recommended. With cuplock there are no nuts, bolts or wedges to fasten the horizontals! In addition, there are also no small parts which could easily be lost or damaged!

Cuplock is perceived as among the safest system available at present and it can be can also be erected in a circular way.

“It is made out of 40 mm NB scaffolding pipes with special designed cups fabricated at every 500 mm to get optimum strength and support.”

The material used in this system is single pipes only, therefore, it is very easy to transport. It also requires less space for storage and the life of scaffolding is much longer than other less reliable types of scaffolding.

Ultimately, the best advantage of cuplock scaffolding is that the locking system is such designed to reduce any chances of accidents.


Kwikstage Scaffolding

If you are looking for scaffolding systems which are easy and simple to assemble then Kwikstage scaffolding could be your answer.

You can view list of our Kwikstage products here:

Kwikstage Ledger

Loading Bay

Diagonal Brace


There are a variety of advantages over other types of scaffolding, some of which are much more complicated and time-consuming to assemble.

For example, the majority of semi-skilled workers can easily assemble them as there is no need for special training. This obviously saves you time and means you can focus on other areas of the project!

Working Height Regulations

As working height regulations are imperative to follow, in terms of a health and safety point of view, this type of scaffolding system gives workmen much needed space and height to comfortably and professionally carry out their job.

Read more about the UK Government’s scaffolding rules.

In addition, it is extremely important on construction sites to have a fall protection platform. Especially for projects which have very high elevation. Kwikstage scaffolding systems provide the added benefit of better protection, by way of this particular platform.

One of the main advantages if that it provides an important area of support while a building is under construction or repair.

Another main advantage of using Kwikstage scaffolding is that workers can customise the system based on the requirements of different projects. This option can offer significant cost savings as it can be purchased new, used or refurbished.

Who Uses Kwikstage Scaffolding?

Many different types of workers reap the benefits of kwikstage scaffolding. For example, un-skilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers who are involved in different commercial and industrial sectors all benefit from this type of system.

Construction workers, painters, bricklayers, roofers, masons and carpenters spend a lot of their time everyday using kwikstage scaffolding to transport their tools and materials.

“These workers will utilise Kwikstage to move around on the job site. They are the group of people who rely on the safety and strength of this type of scaffolding.”

However, these are not the only workers who will use Kwikstage scaffolding. There are several different groups of skilled professionals such as architects, engineers, city planners and other government inspectors who will also utilise the scaffolding in order to adequately perform their duties.

They can carry out their different jobs in confidence knowing that it has been rigorously tested according to the highest industry standards and is guaranteed to safely hold many times its own weight. For further reading about the avoidable sins of scaffolding safety you can read more from our blog.

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