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Are You Buying The Right Scaffolding Supplies?

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What to look for when buying Scaffolding Supplies 

First of all you need to look for a supplier that is reputable. Make sure they are registered with governing bodies such as ISO and regulated by UKAS or the equivalent is always a good starting point.

The massive strides forward within the Formwork and Scaffolding Industry are on a global scale. In today’s market there’s several Scaffolding Manufacturers throughout the UK and Overseas offering their own variations of popular Scaffolding Systems & a wide range of Scaffolding Supplies, in a very competitive market.

Advice and Tips

If you’re looking for Scaffolding, you’re bound to be confused with online stores popping up daily selling ‘Scaffolding Supplies’. However making the right decision is a lot easier if you follow this advice and tips.


The first thing is, reputation. Is the supplier reputable? How long have they been established for? Are they registered with governing bodies such as ISO or UKAS? Are they online? If so, is their website incomplete, with missing product descriptions or descriptions that make no sense? Ensure the company is not just an online store, make sure they are a reputable, operating scaffolding company.

A reputable Scaffolding Manufacturer will also offer a warranty covering a certain number of repetitions or uses. Whether you’re in the market for Kwikstage, Cuplock or any type of Scaffolding Supplies for that matter, make sure you choose a product / system based on durability, quality and reliability. Cost, albeit an important factor should be your last consideration.

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After Care Services

Choose a Scaffolding Supplier based on their product, service and after care support. Top suppliers will have the ability to offer you several essential services such as Scaffold Repair & Reconditioning Services, Scaffold Testing, Shot Blasting & Painting, Scaffold Erection Services, and Scaffolding Hire Services & also on site Audit Services.

A good Scaffolding Manufacturer is established in such a way essential aftercare services are available, asking on after care services will give you an idea if the company has the ability to deliver as they advertise and also shows if the company is knowledgeable and not just an online outlet acting as a middle man, ‘supplying scaffolding’. Asking these questions will stand you in good stead.

What Type of Scaffolding?

Alongside your budget and the various services you may or may not need along with your scaffolding, the next thing you should think about is the type of Scaffolding you want. There are three main types, Cuplock, Kwikstage & Ringlok. All systems are prefabricated, with each having its own unique benefits. A good knowledgeable Scaffolding Supplier & Manufacturer will be able to advise on the best system depending on the requirements.

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