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Automotive Stillages, Assembly Line Stillage – UK Stillage Manufacturers

Stillage comes in many types, used by various industrial sectors ranging from; factories and production lines to assembly plants, transport and construction industries.

St Helens Plant are well-known for providing manufacturer-direct steel and metal made-to-measure products, with stillage systems being one of many steel solutions we provide.

We supply many industrial types of stillage systems, catering for both large scale and custom-made requirements.

Our team of expert engineers have provided stillage solutions to some of the UK’s leading assembly plants. We’ve also provided solutions to the aerospace industry, ranging from trolley systems to aircraft stillage.

Whatever type of stillage, cage, steel bin or trolley system you’re automotive process uses or could do with a better suited, more cost-effective stillage system. St Helens Plant have the skills to manufacture and the power to supply – on demand.


Automotive Stillage


Automotive Stillages

Automotive stillage is often a unique type of steel support system, which we can fabricate to your own design and deliver for any part of the production process.

We can provide various types of stillage trolley systems, to enable body panels and parts of a vehicle to be assembled – during the production process.

Our UK based manufacturing facility provides full design services, backed by an expert team of engineers with the ability to cater for bulk order requirements manufactured, supplied and delivered direct.

We offer a range of finishes from; plain steel and powder coated to fully galvanized and protective paint finishes.




Stillage for Assembly Lines

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to provide an exact solution at a competitive cost.

All stillage systems we provide are UK manufactured, made by St Helens Plant – supplied worldwide, to many well-known industrial factories and plants.

As ISO 9001:2015 UK manufacturers of all stillage and steel cage and steel bin solutions we supply, we guarantee a solution designed for purpose – provided at a competitive cost.


Automotive Stillage


Stillage for Storage and Transportation

Stillage for transport and storage is generally the most popular and familiar type. Our team provide a wide range of stillage for storage of parts, tools, equipment and accessories. Ranging from vehicles and aircraft to small components and supplies.

Many of the stillage shown within our website are relative to construction type sectors. Designed specifically to support a range of equipment on and off-site in transit and also when not in use.




More Details

If you’d to discuss how St Helens Plant can provide a better suited type of automotive stillage for your assembly plant, at a manufacturer-direct competitive prices.

Contact us on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk

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