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Bespoke Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturing – St Helens Plant

St Helens Plant as leading UK manufacturers and repairs specialists, we have the ability to provide customers with custom manufacturing and bespoke options.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of scaffolding and access systems, industrial equipment, stillages, bins and metal pallets as well as a range of groundwork products.

St Helens Plant differ from the regular ‘manufacturer’, we’re not ‘just’ manufacturers.

We have the ability to manufacture all products we supply, alongside provide bespoke fabrication and updated modifications – to any specification.


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What is a Bespoke Manufacturer?

The scale of the manufacturing industry is massive and diverse, with a multitude of manufacturers servicing and specializing in various industries.

So, what is a bespoke manufacturer?

Whatever type of industry or sector your services or products are in, they’ll be manufacturers within the same industry that produce the products you supply or use.

A bespoke manufacturer is basically just a way of saying;

Customizable goods or services built from a customer’s specific requirements. 

Bespoke manufacturers can be any type of manufacturer that can manufacture a product or solution as per your specific requirements.

As manufacturers ourselves and bespoke fabricators St Helens Plant works hand-in-hand with our customer with drawings, plans and best possible options to provide what their looking for, at the most cost-competitive way.

As a bespoke manufacturer, St Helens Plant has the ability to provide a customized product or service, in accordance with our customer’s specifications. 


St Helens Plant: UK Custom Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is a diverse and challenging one. That’s especially the case when it comes to manufacturers that make to order and those that provide bespoke solutions.

Many of the UK’s manufacturing has been taken overseas due to cheaper manufacturing costs and cheaper materials.

That said, cheaper is not always better.

The UK has always been renowned globally for quality in fabrication and quality of workmanship, with very few full-service manufacturers still operating.

St Helens Plant continues as one of the UK’s only remaining, full-service manufacturers, repairs and refurbishment specialists. That also provide bespoke fabrications, updated modifications and custom manufacturing.


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Products and Systems: We’ve Innovated and Fabricated

Over recent years St Helens Plant has been called upon to provide bespoke fabrication of a diverse range of products.

Generally, customers who have bespoke manufacturing requirements. Have seen our standard range of systems and products, needing a similar ‘type’ just made to meet their exact requirements.

Over recent years custom manufacturing St Helens Plant has provided includes;

  • Bespoke Aircraft Rib Stillages
  • Bespoke Aerospace Trolleys
  • Bespoke Super-sized Guardrail Stillage
  • Bespoke Edge Protection Solutions
  • Bespoke Steel Bins
  • Bespoke Steel Bins for the Chelsea Flower Show
  • Bespoke Stillage Solutions for Leading UK Washing Machine Manufacturer
  • Bespoke Steel Bins for Leading UK Firewood Suppliers
  • Bespoke Stillage Systems for International Olympics Games


Our team of expert engineers, first-class fabricators, repairs and refurbishment specialists

have the skills and ability to provide bespoke fabrication, to any specification.


Discuss Your Custom Fabrication

Whatever type of product or system you require for services or supply you provide, when standard options don’t meet the specification. Contact St Helens Plant to discuss bespoke fabrication.

Bespoke nowadays doesn’t have to mean more expensive than standard options, talking to our team of expert engineers to find a solution made-to-measure, often works out more cost-effective in the long run.

Our solution focused workforce looks at the most cost-effective options to provide our customers what they want. That can sometimes mean updated modifications and simple adaptations.

Get in touch to discuss custom requirements you’re looking for, call us on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – 


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