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Cladding Removal – the UK’s High Rise Scaffolding Demand

Recently, the UK’s high rise tower blocks have come under serious scrutiny following the Grenfell Towers tragedy.

St Helens Plant among other leading UK scaffolding suppliers have been supporting many councils and local authorities in their bid to remove all combustible cladding installed on UK tower blocks.

Many UK councils are taking fast and swift action, only to find that the sudden rise in demand for scaffolding to provide access to remove and replace the cladding, is becoming an issue. Cladding removal works are underway in Manchester, Sunderland, Salford, Portsmouth, Norwich, Doncaster, Plymouth, Sunderland and Stockton-On-Tees.

Tower block fire in London

Refurbished, combustible cladding

What appears to be a common concern among councils and health and safety officials is these findings are merely initial findings, which as yet do not reflect the true scale of what’s required to return the UK’s cladding crisis to a safe, sustainable and non-flammable alternative.


The UK’s Combustible Cladding Crisis

It has been reported over 120 tower blocks have been identified with flammable cladding, of which requires access to support removal and replacement.

It was also reported in June, by the Guardian over 37 UK councils reported buildings tested within their region had failed tests.

A seriously concerning statistic provided by the British Research Establishment, who conducted cladding combustibility checks reported a 100% failure rate. Resulting in not one safe, non-flammable tower block.

grenfell towers2

Similar cladding is thought to have been used on many other tower blocks within London and the UK

Public sector buildings have been granted immediate works, while those left in private sector ownership covered in combustible cladding, are still awaiting answers.

Due to the immense failure rate many are calling for all tower blocks in the UK to be reviewed and tested. Inclusive of public sector buildings, private sectors, housing – privately owned and local authority.

It has been estimated the total bill for combustible cladding removal and sprinkler fitting to be in the region of £600 million.


Cladding Removal – Scaffolding Supplies Shortage

The UK’s is in the midst of a summer season of construction upturn, peak season scaffolding demand many scaffolding suppliers and manufacturers like St Helens Plant, prepare for – adequately.

A huge demand seen at St Helens Plant and through our competitors is for Kwikstage system scaffolding and Cuplock alongside, steel stage (steel boards) and flame retardant boards.

At present, many within the industry are coping with the demand, although have seen strain on stock levels with the added pressure to supply further large quantities.


St Helens Plant: The Skills to Manufacture, the Power to Supply

Like all things that are in high-demand and short supply, there is a risk of short-term price rises. St Helens Plant assure our customers, associates and fellow scaffolding suppliers, our prices remain as competitive as they always have.

We have made various moves to secure and source scaffolding stock, ready for sale. We have the ability to supply large quantities of Kwikstage, Cuplock and Steel Boards. Fully supported by a next day delivery network.


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If you’d like more details or to receive a quote for scaffolding your local authority or company requires during the combustible cladding removal, currently underway within the UK. Contact St Helens Plant on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk


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