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Cuplock Scaffolding V’s Tube and Fitting Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a prerequisite required whenever working at height is necessary.

Since time began there has always been some shape or form of scaffolding used to provide access during construction, repairs and renovations.

Whether that be commercial, industrial or residential construction, scaffolding has always been a necessity required to provide practical access when working at height.

There are many variations and types of scaffolding available in today’s world of construction. Despite the variations, the function, purpose and composition is usually the same. Usually, scaffolding is made up of base components, these basically include;

  • Scaffolding Tube
  • Scaffolding Boards

What varies in the types of scaffolding is the way they are connected… well kind of.

In today’s modern world the type of scaffolding most commonly used is modular scaffolding, also known as prefabricated scaffold or system scaffolding.

With the practicalities and basic logistics of scaffolding covered, let’s move onto the comparisons of the old and the new types of scaffolding available in today’s market.


Cuplock Scaffolding - Tube and Fitting Scaffolding Manufacturer


Modular Scaffold, System Scaffold / Prefabricated Scaffold

Modular scaffolding, prefabricated or system scaffolding is a pre-made scaffolding system made up of various scaffold components.

Each scaffolding component is manufactured and designed exact to size, to fit only for their intended purpose.

Much like a jig-saw puzzle, the scaffolding components of a modular scaffolding system can only fit for the purpose and location they were designed for.


Cuplock Scaffolding – Ease of Use and Flexibility

Cuplock scaffolding has by far became the modular scaffolding system of choice. With many contractors opting to use a Cuplock scaffolding system as opposed to a traditional tube and fitting system.

The benefits of a Cuplock modular scaffolding system include;

  • Modular, prefabricated composition allows quick and easy adaptations
  • Extremely flexible in terms of being able to be shaped around buildings and otherwise awkward areas
  • Prefabricated components are quick to assemble, designed to only fit for their intended location and purpose
  • Modular scaffolding can only be built in the way it was intended
  • Far less labour and time intensive to construct, dismantle and adjust than tube and fitting scaffolding
  • No need for any loose fittings or varying length of scaffolding tube
  • Cuplock modular scaffolding system allows for up to four horizontal members to be quickly and easily connected in a single action.

Cuplock scaffolding is often used in the most demanding of construction environments such as marine scaffolding, off shore scaffolding and industrial construction environments.

Cuplock is engineered from high grade, industrial steel and available in numerous finishes such as; hot-dip galvanized or finished with various protective paints.

Cuplock modular scaffolding is comprised of;

  1. Cuplock Standards
  2. Cuplock Ledgers
  3. Cuplock Diagonal Brace
  4. Cuplock Ladder Access Transom
  5. Cuplock Hop Up Bracket
  6. Cuplock Bridging Ledger
  7. Swivel Base Jack
  8. Ladder Access Gate
  9. Scaffold Battens / Steel Stage

The above list of Cuplock components may appear excessive in comparison to the components listed below which relate to a tube and fitting system.

The difference with a modular scaffolding system such as Cuplock is it can allow up to four horizontal members to be connected in one quick and easy action. There is also no need for any loose fittings or lengths of scaffolding tube.


Cuplock Scaffolding Supplies


Traditional Tube and Fitting Scaffolding – Flexibility and Advantages

Traditional tube and fitting scaffolding is another long-standing choice that has been overshadowed by the modern day modular scaffolding alternatives such as; Cuplock and Kwikstage.

Tube and fitting scaffolding also known as tube and clamp scaffold, is comprised of;

  1. Scaffolding tube
  2. Scaffolding fittings, clamps and couplers
  3. Scaffold Battens / Steel Stage

The way tube and fitting scaffolding is constructed is quite different in comparison to any type of modular scaffold system. Tube and fitting scaffold consists of tubes and fittings that are attached to each other using various scaffold couplers and clamps.

The fabricated frame system provides a prefabricated, ready-made frame which is braced up to provide rigid stability.

Tube and fitting scaffolding is a traditional, old-school way of providing access when working at height. Although far more labour and time intensive, this type of system is still used by many.


In Summary

When it comes to finding a practical, safe way to provide access to a construction project scaffolding has always been the solution!

As time has evolved and engineering has progressed the traditional tube and fitting system has been replaced by modular scaffold systems such as the extremely popular Cuplock system.

Cuplock and other types of modular scaffold’s popularity is mainly due to the immense flexibility, ease of installation and adaptation, alongside the highly convenient prefabricated composition that requires no loose fittings.


More Details

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