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Environmentally Friendly Hoarding Systems: Now Available

St Helens Plant are pleased to offer our customers a new range of environmentally friendly hoarding solutions – now in stock.

St Helens Plant works in association with a select few manufacturers and suppliers of quality systems and innovative products. Environmentally friendly and reusable products is one area we have focused to evolve this year.

As manufacturers of many of the products we supply – and repair and reconditioning specialists. Ensuring our customer has a quality system or product, with a long-lifespan that provides profit – and return in investment, is a priority in all products we supply.

St Helens Plant, in association with UK hoarding system manufacturers GreenHoard, are now fully stocked and have the ability to supply, a sustainable range of environmentally friendly hoarding solutions. Fully reusable and recyclable, manufactured from recycled materials.


greenhoard - hoarding systems1


Environmentally Friendly Hoarding Solutions

Our new range of sustainable hoarding systems provides solutions ranging from; perimeter security hoarding and house builder hoarding systems. To systems designed for wind loading and recycled plastic hoarding systems – with increased BREEAM and Considerate Constructors score.

All hoarding systems we now supply, are fully reusable and recyclable. Being 100% recyclable at end of life, reducing the carbon footprint of your commercial or industrial project.


Sustainable Hoarding Systems – Now in Stock

Our St Helens Plant manufacturing plant and UK dispatch center is now fully stocked with a completely sustainable range of hoarding systems.

Ideal for commercial, industrial, house builder and public projects.


Compound System – Steel Hoarding

compound system - steel hoarding

portable steel hoarding system
2.4 steel hoarding

(Product images copyright of Greenhoard)

GreenWall – Hoarding Panel System

GreenWall - Hoarding Panel System


 portable steel hoarding system 
 2.4m High In-ground System 

(Product images copyright of Greenhoard)

Curtain Walling – Steel Hoarding

GreenHoard Curtain Wall System

 installation 2.0 
 portable 2.4 
 portable 2.0 
 portable 2.4 

(Product images copyright of Greenhoard)


Recyclable Plastic – Hoarding System

Recyclable Plastic Hoarding System

 Recyclable Plastic Portable System 
 Recyclable Plastic In-Ground System 

(Product images copyright of Greenhoard)


Hoarding System Gates

Our St Helens Plant facilities also have the ability to supply all required hoarding system gates. Ensuring the system your project requires, portable or in-ground – is equipped with the correct pedestrian and vehicle access required.

 Pedestrian Access Gate 
 Vehicle Access Gate 

(Product images copyright of Greenhoard)

In-Ground & Portable Mesh Vehicle Access Gate
In-Ground & Portable Mesh Vehicle Access Gate 2
steel hoarding gate

(Product images copyright of Greenhoard)

Steel Pedestrian Access Gate – Anti-trip
In-Ground Mesh Pedestrian Access Gate

(Product images copyright of Greenhoard)

Get a Quote

If you’d like to receive a competitive quote for sustainable hoarding that stands the test of time, as well as meeting with environmental expectations – many tenders and commercial projects require.

Contact St Helens Plant on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – to discuss your hoarding system requirements.

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