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Hoarding Panel Stillage and Crowd Barrier Stillage: Manufacturer-Direct

Fencing regardless of type, requires correct storing and transporting, before and after installation.

Whether that be, hired or purchased types of fencing, hoarding panels or crowd barriers.

St Helens Plant supply and manufacture many types of site supplies and fencing options, generally associated with the scaffolding and construction industry.

Crowd Barriers are a popular choice for segregation and demarcation of areas within a construction site alongside, commonly being used within events and public sectors.

Hoarding Panels are another commonly used type of fencing, often implemented as temporary perimeter / security fencing – used within a wide range of construction sectors.


Hoarding Panel Stillage

Hoarding Panel Stillage and Crowd Barrier Stillage


Hoarding Panels and Hoarding Panel Stillage

Hoarding Panels are manufactured from steel, which when implemented as fencing, are installed horizontally – using thermo-plastic feet or breeze block type bases.

Each hoarding panel is designed with an inter-locking ability, which quickly and easily connects as many hoarding panels as required.Hoarding Panel Stillage

Hoarding Panels provide a secure, temporary containment system around any desired area.

Due to the steel nature of hoarding panels and their inter-locking attributes. If not stored correctly, before and after use, hoarding panels can easily become damaged, warped, bent and broken.

St Helens Plant manufacture and supply hoarding panel stillage. Designed specifically to correctly store and transport large, steel hoarding panels.

Hoarding Panel Stillage we supply features a four-post design, permitting safe and stable stacking of fully loaded stillage – of the same dimensions and design.

Each stillage pallet is also designed to protect against bending and warping of steel hoarding panels. Protecting your hoarding panel stock, during transportation to and from site, as well as when in storage.


Crowd Barrier Stillage

Crowd Barriers are another popular choice of temporary fencing, generally used as a segregation solution – rather than a security type of fencing.

St Helens Plant manufacture and supply crowd barriers as well as, crowd barrier stillage.Crowd Barrier Stillage

Crowd Barriers are lightweight, easy to use and quick to install.

Providing a segregation and demarcation solution suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors, including; construction sites and scaffolding sectors, alongside public sectors, events an festivals.

Crowd Barriers are manufactured from galvanised steel, which provides the lightweight attributes that make crowd barriers so popular. Each crowd barrier also features an interlocking ability, allowing any required quantity to be locked together easily – by slotting one with another.

Due to the nature of hollow galvanised steel and design of crowd barriers. If not stored correctly and stacked in a supportive way using crowd barrier stillage – units can easily become bent and broken.

St Helens Plant manufactures and supplies crowd barriers stillage, featuring a four-post design that permits safe and stable stacking.

Each crowd barrier stillage is also designed with lifting-lugs to permit easy lifting and moving, from one location to another.


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If you’d like a quote for hoarding panel stillage or crowd barrier stillage – manufactured and supplied by St Helens Plant, or would like an all-encompassing order – inclusive of hoarding panels or crowd barriers with the appropriate type of stillage.

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