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HSE Launch Investigation into Slough Scaffolding Fall

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive is conducting an investigation into a scaffolding accident that took place in Slough.

The accident took place around 5pm on Thursday, July 28th, when the worker was working on a house in Upton Court. The man fell two and half meters from the third level of structure to the second level.

The man involved in the accident sustained injuries to his leg and also his head. Firefighters assisted, upon assessing the location of the injured man, caused consideration for aerial assistance to recover the man from the structure. However, fire crews managed to work with the paramedic team to maneuver the man down the internal staircase and handover to the paramedic team.

The man was taken to hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.

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A HSE spokesman stated an investigation would be carried out, although was unable to comment on the condition of the injured worker, commenting;

“The only update we would get is if the injured person sadly died as that would change the nature of the investigation.”

A representative of the scaffolding company displayed on signage advertised on the scaffolding stated, the injured worker was up and about, intending to return home to India to continue his recuperation.

Information has also been provided the injured worker had been employed by another company to conduct roof repair works to the two storey house.

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