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Kind-Hearted Construction Worker Makes Giant Find Waldo Game for Hospital Kids

Kind-hearted construction worker Jason Haney decided to brighten up the day of children in the hospital located next door to his construction site.

Jason thought he could put a smile on the faces of kids and give them a little cheering up, so he came up with an 8ft tall game of find Waldo, (the U.S version of Where’s Wally.)

jason hadley - the kind-hearted construction worker

Jason Hadley and his 8ft tall Waldo cut-out

The good samaritan and his young daughter took to the tools, arts and crafts and created an 8ft tall cardboard cut-out of Waldo, which he hides in various locations on the building site every day.

Some days he might be placed at the top of scaffolding or perhaps up a ladder or on a crane, the children of South Bend Indiana try and spot where is hidden. Once the eagle-eyed kids have spotted Waldo, he gets moved to another location the next day and the game begins again.

Find Waldo - Jason Hadley US

Waldo waving at the kids in the hospital next door

Jason has also created a facebook group where the kids can logon and post their guesses, with Jason keeping a watchful eye for the right answer!

The South Bend Memorial Hospital – Find Waldo Facebook Group


The Waldo cardboard cutout has been such a hit, Jason and his daughter are currently working on cardboard Minions to join Waldo among the scaffolding and cranes

jason 3

Can you find Waldo…?


jason 4

Today he is making his way up the ladders!


jason 5

Flying high at the top of the tower today!

jason 6

Almost out of sight, but he’s there – at the bottom!

This has got to be the most heartwarming news-bite of the week, hats off to Jason Hadley a credit to all construction workers.

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