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Kwikstage Stock Upgrade – Why Replace When You Can Refurbish?

Kwikstage is commonly used by many companies and contractors, especially popular with many in Scotland.

Kwikstage was once the most popular type of system scaffolding used, until galvanized systems such as Cuplock and Ringlock became available.

Alternative galvanized systems, provide customers with a longer life-span, far less maintenance costs, as well as more flexibility. That said, galvanized systems do come with a higher price tag, with more costs up-front but less costs long-term.

Kwikstage is still commonly used, with many companies having invested in large stocks of Kwikstage over the years. Kwikstage is still supplied by many suppliers, including St Helens Plant.




Kwikstage Refurbishment and Repair 

As popular as Kwikstage once was for a lot of companies, we’ve seen a decline over recent years due to alternative galvanized systems now available.

The problem with Kwikstage nowadays, as we covered recently is basically Kwikstage is not made like it used to be. Resulting in refurbishment of Kwikstage being quite a common requirement.

If you have Kwikstage scaffolding stock that’s looking worse for wear and not as much of a valuable asset as it once was, why replace, when you can refurbish?



Kwikstage Fully Refurbished – Zinc-Phosphate Dipped, Galvanized and Painted Finishes


Kwikstage Finishing Options

As mentioned, Kwikstage that’s available on the market nowadays is not made like it used to be. Which results in Kwikstage not lasting as long as it once did.

St Helens Plant remains one of the only manufacturers that still supply Kwikstage that is Zinc-Phosphate dipped / painted.

We can provide customers a range of protective finishing options including;

✔️Painted – available in any RAL/BS colour

✔️Two-Coat original Zinc-Phosphate dipped

✔️Fully Galvanized

St Helens Plant can provide full refurbishment and repair of your Kwikstage stock.

Returning your paid asset into a valuable and profitable one, further extending it’s lifespan. Cutting the costs of stock replacement with refurbishment.


Get a Quote 

If you’d to discuss refurbishment of your Kwikstage scaffolding stock, contact the St Helens Plant team on – 01744 850 300 or email us at –


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