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Log Drying Cage, Log Drying Kiln | Metal Mesh Log Cages

Building a bespoke solution at a cost-effective price is what St Helens Plant specialise in.

St Helens Plant are well known as fabricators within the scaffolding and construction sectors. Manufacturing and supplying a wide range of scaffolding systems, bespoke access solutions and scaffolding supplies.

We supply the UK’s most scaffolding specific range of stillage, steel pallets and heavy duty industrial bins.

We also supply many of our customers with cost effective, bespoke solutions – made to measure.

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Bespoke Stillage and Metal Cage Manufacturers

Stillage, steel cage-type bins and heavy-duty bins, are not as easy to find as you would think, outwith standard sizes and common household types.

The reality is, very few places have the ability to provide bespoke fabrication, without huge overheads, and costs to the customer.

St Helens Plant differ, being the UK’s leading scaffolding manufacturer and supplier – we have the skills, resources and award-winning experience in providing cost effective, problem solving solutions made of steel!

From steel cages and stillage to heavy-duty metal bins, whatever type of steel cage, mesh cage or industrial bin your product, service or equipment requires. St Helens Plant can provide bespoke fabrication to any specification – with a range of heavy duty solutions.

Made to measure, delivered direct.




Multi-Purpose – Metal Mesh Log Cages & Steel Pallet Bins

We manufacture and supply a wide range of stillage, with many of our fabrications being made to measure, bespoke solutions.

Multi-purpose bespoke steel stillage, steel pallets and metal bins include;


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All standard and bespoke stillage and steel pallets and bins we manufacture and supply are in accordance with ISO regulations and legislation.


Metal Mesh Log Cage – Kiln Stillage Bin

Recently the St Helens Plant team have provided and are working with various UK companies within the log burning fuel and kiln sectors.

Our role, to provide a batch order of simple cage-type, steel bins to permit large quantities of logs to be stored, while drying in the kiln.

You’d think finding such a simple solution, would be easy…

The options available and previously used by our client, were of a metal flat-pack, flimsy household nature. Pet related or of cheap overseas quality.

Our team took a proactive look at the problem, providing a made to measure, cage-type heavy duty steel bin. Designed to store large quantities of logs / materials, featuring steel mesh infills – permitting circulation of air while logs are drying.

Each metal mesh log cage has been designed with handling and grab areas, providing easy and safe management of logs going in and out of the working Kiln.

Kiln Stillage / Metal Mesh Log Cages we manufacture are available made to measure, in any required size or specification.




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If you’d like a quote for any of the stillage, steel pallets or heavy duty steel bins we manufacture and supply or would like a quote for made to measure solutions, contact St Helens Plant on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk


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