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New Year: New Space Saving Stillage Solutions – Steel Pallets and Bins

The new year often brings new agendas and the need for space-saving solutions to better manage new challenges and progression – whether than be domestic, commercial or industrial.

If you’re in need of space-saving stillage solutions, steel pallets or steel bins, St Helens Plant have the ability to solve your storage situation. We manufacture and supply a wide range of stillage, often used within commercial and industrial sectors.

From factories and farms to warehouses and work yards, whatever type of stillage, steel pallet or metal bin your products, services or business requires, St Helens Plant have a solution. All stillage, steel bins and pallets we supply – we manufacture.

Enabling us to have the ability to offer an array of standard sizes and specifications, alongside made-to-measure products, designed to meet the needs of our customers storage requirements.




New Year – New Stillage Solutions

As ISO 9001:2015 manufacturers of the products we supply, we can offer any type of stillage, in any required quantity or specification.

Over the years we have catered for many diverse and unique industries, ranging from Aerospace and warehouse to transportation and construction.

Stillage products available for sale can be galvansied, plain steel or finished in any RAL protective paint.

Some of our most popular stillage solutions include;

u stackers



Steel Pallets and Bins

Steel pallets and bins are also a popular choice within many types of sectors, previously our customers have ranged from natural fuel clients and factories to dispatch centers and armed forces.

Whatever type of steel bin or steel pallet you’re products or equipment would benefit from. Our expert team of problem-solving engineers can provide a solution designed from the ground up.

Alongside adaptations and modifications of any of our standard products, to meet the needs of the task at hand.

Some of our most popular steel pallets and bins include;





Get a Quote

If you’d like more details on any of the stillage, steel pallets or bins manufactured and supplied by St Helens Plant, or to discuss a made-to-measure solution you require.

Contact the St Helens Plant team on – 01744 850 300, alternatively email our rapid response customer service team at – info@sthp.co.uk 



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