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Offshore and Shipbuilding Cuplock Scaffolding and Solutions!

Scaffolding any type of access is far easier said than done. Scaffolding access to a project offshore or within shipbuilding environments requires even more durability and reliability.

Many working within the offshore, oil and gas and shipbuilding sectors choose Cuplock scaffolding as their system of choice. Due to its highly robust build quality, low-maintenance, anti-rust fully galvanised finish and extreme adaptability.


Offshore and Shipbuilding Scaffolding Specialists

Scaffolding in any type of environment has to be reliable and robust, when scaffolding is required in harsh offshore environments – safety ofshipbuilding-scaffolding-specialists---st-helens-plant supply and longevity of supply is a must.

For decades companies and contractors within the offshore, oil and gas and shipbuilding industries have utilised Cuplock over other types of system scaffolding such as Kwikstage or Ringlock.

All three types of scaffolding system, basically do the same job. Provide access to work at height, alongside being prefabricated. However, that is where the similarities end.

Cuplock above all types of modular scaffolding, is by far the most robust with its anti-rust attributes being fully galvanised. Alongside the ability to connect up to four components at any one time, with a quick and easy “cup-like” locking mechanism.

Kwikstage is generally sold and hired as a fully painted system, not designed with the same level of flexibility Cuplock is. Another con in comparison to Cuplock is the painted finish – resulting in a system that does require more maintenance than Cuplock does due to rust eventually being a factor.


Cuplock Scaffolding Suppliers and Manufacturers

R2Lok is manufactured and designed very similar to the original version of Cuplock. R2Lok was brought to the industry approx. five years ago by St Helens Plant to provide customers with a system that has the same robust, anti-rust build quality and adaptability as Cuplock – providing a cheaper alternative.

St Helens Plant provide for sale;

All Cuplock and R2Lok system scaffolding is manufactured, repaired or reconditioned to meet with all ISO and HSE standards and regulations.


Bespoke Fabrications and Updated Modifications

Many times those utilising Cuplock within offshore industries are well versed in the installation and adaptations required to gain the access required. However, should the type of offshore access you require need a more bespoke approach, contact us.

We specialise in updated modifications and bespoke fabrication – to any specification.

Our Passion is in the Production, Our Pride is in the Quality!


Where you see access problems – we see cost effective scaffolding solutions.


More Details

If you’d like more details on offshore, oil and gas or shipbuilding specific scaffolding solutions provided by St Helens Plant, contact us on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk.

Our knowledgeable scaffolding specialists will be happy to provide a rapid response quote alongside any advice.

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