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Re-Utilize Your Scaffolding & Stock: Ahead of UK Demand

Do you have damaged or unused scaffolding and stock lying around your yard – that could be re-utilized?

Over the past two months many companies have used this time to sort through their stock. Returning their already paid asset – back into a profitable and utilized one.

Get ahead of UK demand as UK businesses begin to re-open.

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It makes better sense to repair and recondition your unused scaffolding and stock, as the price for scrap is extremely low at the moment.
Repairing your stock will help ease cash-flow, eliminating the need to purchase new equipment.


Scaffold Servicing, Repair & Reconditioning 

All Types of System

We provide all types of non-mechanical manufacturing, repairs, servicing and reconditioning, specializing in system scaffolding.
Various finishes are available for all applicable systems, which include;

✔️Painted – available in any RAL/BS colour

✔️Two-Coat original Zinc-Phosphate dipped

✔️Fully Galvanized



Kwikstage Repair & Reconditioning 
Before & After

kwikstage black

kwikstage yellow


Steel Boards

Servicing, Reconditioning & Repair
We also provide repair, reconditioning and servicing of all types of steelstage / steel boards.

Painted finishes are available in any RAL/BS colour, galvanized options are also available.

Painted – Steel Boards


Galvanized – Steel Boards

steelstage 2


Groundworks Products 

Repair and Reconditioning
St Helens Plant provides various refurbishment and repair services for a wide variety of goundworks products including; road plates, road forms and trench sheets.

road forms

trench sheets

Road Plates

Resurfacing & Repair 
We also provide road plate repair and resurfacing of plain steel and anti-skid road plates. Newly manufactured road plates and road plate securing collars – are also available for sale.

road plates 1

Scaffold Fittings

Servicing, Reconditioning & Repair
Our manufacturing and repair facilities also provide servicing and repair of scaffold fittings. We can quickly and efficiently handle any quantity.

fittings before-after


Formwork Products

Reconditioning & Repair
St Helens Plant provides refurbishment and repair services for various Formwork products including; soldiers and props.




Edge Protection 

Reconditioning & Repair

Our repairs and reconditioning facilities provide edge protection refurbishment with a quick turnaround and cost-competitive prices.

Edge protection 2b


Get a Quote

If you’d like a quote for non-mechanical repairs, servicing and reconditioning of scaffolding or stock that could be re-utilized – instead of replaced.

Contact the St Helens Plant team on – 01744 850 300, via our website or email us at –


We assure all customers that St Helens Plant have taken additional measures to ensure hand washing and social distancing are in place, where possible – as per COVID-19 Government advice.


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