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Refurbished Black Kwikstage Looking Sophisticated On-Site!

Recently St Helens Plant have been part of a major Kwikstage stock upgrade, working with PHD Modular Access Services Ltd.

We’re delighted to see our work looking smart and sophisticated on-site. PHD’s fully refurbished Kwikstage finished in black looks the part!




PHD Modular Access Services – Black Kwikstage

We’ve got to say, Kwikstage refurbished with a black protective paint certainly looks the part, very smart!

Below shows images of PHD Modular Access Services refurbished Kwikstage delivered direct to site. Soon after, it was erected and looking very sophisticated.

‘It is a pleasure working with PHD Modular Access Services Ltd. A great company who we look forward to continue working with throughout their scaffolding refurbishment programme’. 

‘It’s great to see the finished product in place. Credit to all the St Helens Plant team’. 

Phil Pilling, St Helens Plant Limited



Access provided by PHD Modular Access Services Ltd. Kwikstage Refurbished by St Helens Plant Limited



Smart and Sophisticated Kwikstage Refurbished by St Helens Plant


Kwikstage Stock Upgrade

As we’ve mentioned before, Kwikstage remains a popular system for many contractors and companies.

Kwikstage also remains a system that requires refurbishment and repair, due to being a painted system – alongside other aspects previous covered.

If you have Kwikstage scaffolding stock that was once an asset and in need of repair or refurbishment. Contact the St Helens Plant team for a cost-effective quote in returning your scaffolding stock back into a paid, working asset.

Why Replace, When You Can Refurbish!


Get a Kwikstage Refurbishment Quote 

If you’d like to discuss refurbishment of you’re Kwikstage scaffolding stock, which can be repaired, refurbished and painted in any BS/RAL colour.

Contact St Helens Plant on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk for a cost-competitive quote.



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