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Ringlock / Layher Equipment: Repaired, Refurbished and Serviced at St Helens Plant

As the UK’s only all-encompassing scaffold manufacturer, repairs and refurbishment specialist, St Helens Plant provide a full-spectrum of services catering for all types of scaffold servicing and supply requirements.

The new year is often a good opportunity to assess your scaffolding stock and consider servicing and repair, being prepared for busier months ahead.


ringlock - layher servicing


Scaffold Servicing and Repair

Our expert team of scaffold repairers are highly experienced in servicing and repair of all types of systems.

As manufacturers of the systems we supply, we’re well-versed in refurbishment and repair. Fully testing and servicing your scaffolding stock, returning back to a fit-for-working condition, in-line with all ISO 9001:2015 regulations and legislation.


Ringlock / Layher Scaffold Repair

Like all types of scaffolding, if not stored correctly, regularly inspected and maintained – the lifespan of your scaffolding stock can be shortened greatly.

St Helens Plant have yet again, another happy customer who has managed to maintain their Ringlock scaffolding stock, rather than replace it – through scaffold repair and servicing. Scaffolding not always requires scrapping, when damaged, bent or looking worse for wear, due to general wear and tear.

Customers can extend the lifespan of their systems, by considering regular scaffold servicing rather than full-stock replacement.

Ringlock Repair and Scaffold Servicing

Ringlock Repair and Servicing

Ringlock Repair and Servicing

Another Happy St Helens Plant Customer – Ringlock Repair 2019


Ringlock / Layher Stillage and Storage Solutions

Scaffold repair is often required due to poor storage of the equipment alongside, general wear and tear.

St Helens Plant can also offer system specific stillage solutions, preventing future damage when storing and transportingย your stock.

Ringlock / Layher steel pallets and stillageย are available, designed specifically for Ringlock and Layher type systems.

We also offer Cuplock and Kwikstage steel pallets and stillage, designed to prevent damage to the system during transportation and storage.






More Details / Get a Quoteย 

If you have Ringlock or Layher types of scaffold, or Cuplock and Kwikstage that could benefit from scaffold servicing and repair.

Contact the St Helens Plant team on – 01744 850 300 or email us at to discuss servicing your systems, and extending the lifespan of your equipment.





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