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Ringlock / Plattec Repaired, Fully Refurbished and Returned

As the year ahead begins to take shape, many of our customers are making sure their scaffolding stock in in a fit for working condition, for the busier months ahead.

The St Helens Plant team have yet again been busy within our repair and refurbishment division, expertly repairing and refurbishing various loads of Ringlock / Plattec system scaffolding back to a fit for working condition.


Another Happy Customer with Ringlock Returned – RepairedΒ 

The team at St Helens Plant have been busy with another Ringlock refurbishment and repair customer. Once again, another load of fully repaired and refurbished Ringlock on route to a happy customer.


Ringlock Refurbishment and Repair

Ringlock Refurbishment – Road Ready for Return to Customer


Ringlock Scaffolding Repair

Ringlock Scaffolding Scaffolding Stock – Returned back to fit-for-working Condition



Ringlock Refurbished Scaffolding Stock


Ringlock Scaffolding Repair

Ringlock Scaffolding Repaired and Refurbished


Business-to-Business Scaffolding and Ringlock Repair

St Helens Plant work alongside many businesses, providing refurbishment, repair and manufacturing of scaffolding, steel, metal accessories and equipment.

We specialise in manufacturing and refurbishment of all types of scaffolding, ranging system scaffolds and scaffold tube to scaffold fittings.


Don’t let your scaffolding stock go for scrap, or gather in the back of a yard due to the on-the-surface condition – consider a scaffold refurbishment audit of your equipment.


In many cases, scaffolding can be fully repaired and refurbished saving costs on replacement of stock. The same applies toΒ keeping the lifespan of your scaffolding to it’s full extent, by regularly inspecting and maintaining your systems, drastically cuts costs on fully replacing.

The St Helens Plant team work hand-in-hand with many businesses on a direct business-to-business level, regularly keeping other contractors, suppliers and hire and sale companies scaffolding stocks in a profitable and safe – working condition.


Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding is one type of system scaffold that’s became the contractors, suppliers and end users system of of choice due to the flexibility and adaptability the design of Ringlock provides.

St Helens Plant manufacture, supply and refurbish the Ringlock system, alongside provide various Ringlock specific products such as Loading Towers and Gates and Ringlock Stillage.

If your company has stocks of Ringlock or Ringlock-type systems, that through general wear and tear or damage are banked up at the back of a yard, contact us for a Ringlock repair audit of your equipment. Save your company costs and utilise scaffolding stock that is perhaps unused due to being unfit.


Refurbished Ringlock

Road-Ready Refurbished – Ringlock Scaffolding Stock


Ringlock Stillage – Storage Solutions

St Helens Plant also manufacture and supply Ringlock storage solutions, quite often known as Stillage.

Quite often if scaffolding of any type is not stored and transported using the correct type of storage solution, the result is damage to individual components and defects to the overall system itself.

We manufacture and supply Ringlock specific scaffolding stillage, designed specifically for the storage and transportation of Ringlock and Ringlock type scaffolds.

Also available are other types of stillage, designed for Kwikstage, Cuplock, Tube and Fitting systems.






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If you’d like to discuss repair or refurbishment of your Ringlock scaffolding stock, or arrange a refurbishment audit for any type of scaffolding stock in need of repair. Contact the St Helens Plant team on – 01744 850 300 or email us at –


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