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From Rusted to Refurbished Kwikstage Scaffolding!

If you have scaffolding that’s rusted and could do with being refurbished, get in touch with St Helens Plant for a cost-effective scaffold refurbishment quote.

Refurbish your scaffolding stock back to a working condition and utilize the paid asset you have, rather than writing off as scrap.

St Helens Plant, as the UK’s only remaining all-encompassing scaffolding manufacturer and scaffold repairs specialists can cost-competitively turn your aged, damaged and rusted scaffolding back to fully repaired and refurbished systems.




Refurbished Kwikstage Scaffolding

Kwikstage is a popular scaffold system, especially when it comes to refurbishment.

As a manufacturer of scaffolding and supplier of all popular types, we have seen first-hand the progression of modular systems that are now available in the industry.

Kwikstage used to be the most popular type of system scaffolding. Kwikstage was the cost-effective, modular system of choice. As time has progressed fully galvanized alternatives such as Cuplock and more recently, Ringlock are now commonly used.

Kwikstage is still a system used by many, with countless contractors and suppliers still using and offering the system, as St Helens Plant also do. That said, we see far less demand for Kwikstage, due to galvanized systems such as Cuplock and Ringlock which require less maintenance and provide a longer lifespan.

The problem with Kwikstage nowadays, as we covered recently is basically Kwikstage is not made like it used to be. Resulting in refurbishment of Kwikstage being quite a common requirement.

This is due to the lifespan being far less than it once was, when compared to original Kwikstage systems that would be Zinc-Phosphate dipped.


St Helens Plant continue to manufacture and supply original Zinc-Phosphate dipped Kwikstage.



kwikstage refurbishment

new and refurbished Kwikstage


We supply both Zinc-Phosphate dipped / painted Kwikstage and fully galvanized Kwikstage systems. As well as Cuplock, Ringlock and traditional tube and fitting scaffolds.




Turn Your Scaffolding from Rusted to Refurbished

If your scaffolding stock is looking worse for ware and no longer as much of an asset as it once was. Contact the St Helens Plant team for a cost-competitive quote on scaffolding refurbishment and repair.

Return your scaffolding back to a working order in line with all ISO regulations and legislation, providing your company with a paid asset that returns profit.

We can fully facilitate collection of your scaffolding, provide full repair and refurbishment of your stock and return to any required location. Fully repaired and refurbished with any desired RAL / BS protective paint colour of choice.

For customers looking to fully extend the life of their Kwikstage with additional protection. St Helens Plant can also provide a Zinc-Phosphate dipped, two-coat paint system.


Kwikstage scaffold refurbishment

Two-Coat Paint System – Refurbished Kwikstage by St Helens Plant


Get a Quote 

Contact St Helens Plant for a rapid-response quote on scaffold repair and refurbishment.

If collection and delivery is also required please advise and we can provide an all-inclusive, competitive quote. Contact us on – 01744 850 300 or email us at –


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