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Safety of Supply Ireland – Supported by Refurbished Scaffolding Specialist

Over the past 12 months various safety alerts and concerns have been released regarding rusted and corroded scaffolding in use within Ireland.

Ireland’s HAS (Health and Safety Authority) and NASAC (National Association of Scaffolders and Access Contractors), part of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). Have highlighted serious safety failings in regards to large quantities of rusted and corroded scaffolding in widespread use, throughout Ireland.

Ireland - Safety of Scaffolding Supply

Rusted and Corroded Kwikstage Scaffolding – an example of what is in use throughout some building sites in Ireland


Safety of Scaffolding Supply – Ireland

The issue of safety of supply was first highlighted last year when the Health and Safety Authority released an industry alert, warning of the widespread issue, alongside providing scaffolding companies and contractors advice and guidance.

The Health and Safety Authority have saw an increase in catastrophic failures and scaffolding collapses. Due to rusted, corroded and unfit for purpose scaffolding systems being in use.

The Health and Safety Authority stated;

Corroded and rusting scaffolding components can lead to serious issues with the scaffolding’s structural integrity and can lead to catastrophic failures and scaffolding collapses

The Health and Safety Authority also pointed out, the most common systems prone to rusting and corroding are painted, non-galvanised wedge-type systems such as Kwikstage, which happens to be one of Ireland’s most commonly used scaffolding systems.


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In January this year, the Construction Industry Federation (NASAC) also released a public announcement calling for guidelines and the implementation of standards for refurbished scaffolding and correct procedures in place.

Ireland and Northern Ireland are set to continue with their rapid growth rates with construction output set to increase, amidst the growing concerns about safety of  scaffolding supply.


Refurbished, Repaired – Verified and Tested Scaffolding

Kwikstage, being one of the most commonly used types of scaffolding in Ireland and Northern Ireland, is generally a non-galvanised, painted system. Over time, through general wear, tear and environmental factors painted scaffolding chips, rusts and corrodes – losing its once had strength, weight bearing abilities and structural stability.

One of the main problems within Ireland is currently, there are no set standards or regulations in place, of which refurbished scaffolding must meet.

St Helens Plant, based in St Helens, Merseyside fully supports Safer Scaffolding in Ireland working in close association with many companies and contractors throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland – returning defunct, rusted and corroded scaffolding back into safe working stock that’s safe, profitable and professional.

St Helens Plant, the UK’s award winning scaffold refurbishment and repair specialists provide scaffold refurbishment and repair alongside shot blasting and painting. All scaffold repair and reconditioning is inclusive of structural stability testing alongside various verifications – in line with all ISO and HSE standards and regulations.


Kwikstage Scaffolding Before Refurbishment, Testing and Verification and After – St Helens Plant Limited


Safety of Supply – Guaranteed by St Helens Plant

The UK scaffolding repair and refurbishment specialists guarantee safety of supply, providing competitive, all-encompassing refurbishment packages. Transforming your current, age-old, rusted and corroded scaffolding, back to a fit for purpose, professional condition.

We can seamlessly facilitate all aspects ranging from collection and delivery to repair and refurbishment, testing and verification.

Shot blasting and painting is also available.

All scaffolding repair, refurbishment or manufactured by St Helens Plant is in accordance to all ISO and HSE standards and legislation.


Arrange Refurbishment of Your Scaffolding Stock

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