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Inadequate & Dangerous Scaffolding Supplies Flooding the UK Market.


As a full line provider of Scaffolding Manufacturing, Scaffolding Supplies and  Scaffolding Repair and Reconditioning, we are dealing with an industry wide issue of non-standard and inadequate ‘working stock’ that is flooding the UK market, and has been for some time.


Collapsed Stillage - Safety of Supply?


Recent news of government funding has injected welcomed life blood back into the Scaffolding and Construction Industry. However, the source of the UK’s Scaffolding Supply chain is a hot topic that needs given focus 90% of the UK’s supply is from China and India. The quality and standard of Scaffolding Supplies from some main overseas manufacturers  is quite simply inadequate, non-standard, dangerous and untimely deadly.

 2014 is Looking Prosperous

2014 is looking a very prosperous year for the UK’s Scaffolding and Construction Industry, but the question is, are we looking at;

Increased accidents?

More on-site inspection failures?

Increased and continued supply of inadequate, non-standard scaffolding equipment flooding the UK market?

NASC Apprenticeship Initiative

As this year closes to an end, plans are unveiled for industry wide Apprenticeship Schemes as detailed by NASC’s new president. Kevin Ward. ‘Leading by example’ being the leading goal of his initiative.

We strongly agreed and support these fundamentals, although feel that  safety of supply should be the first and foremost area of focus.



Young apprentices and new employees within the industry need to be taught the importance of safety, quality and reliability.


Overseas Supply

Currently the tools and equipment of supply from some widely used overseas suppliers, do not provide these fundamentals, the exact opposite in fact.

This not only brings obvious safety issues, but also severely effects business reputation, productivity and increased man hours to deal with non-standard inadequate stock. As a result overall costs increase, due to man hours and damages from this inadequate and dangerous equipment.

We are increasingly firefighting this issue and dread it will increase throughout 2014.


We are hoping to raise enough awareness on this issue to gain the support needed to tackle the standard and safety of supply and re-root this back within the UK. 




If you have also been in receipt of stock of this quality and standard Contact Us

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