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Scaffold Fitting Bin Accident: Lifting Lug Stillage Bin Solution

Recently, two construction companies were fined and ordered to pay costs following a crane dropping 500 scaffold fittings on a worker.

Weymouth Magistrates’ Court heard how workers of Carter Training Ltd operating a mobile crane with a stillage attachment that failed, resulted in 500 scaffold fittings being dropped on workers below.


500 Scaffold Fittings Dropped on Worker

The mobile crane in use was being used with an unsuitable stillage attachment, not designed for lifting large amounts of heavy scaffolding.

Zero C Holdings Limited pleaded guilty to breaching CDM Regulations 2015, being fined £145,000 plus ordered to pay court costs of £3,500. Carter Training (services) Ltd, operators of the mobile crane, pleading guilty to breaching lifting regulations and were fined £18,000 and ordered to pay court costs of £3,500.

One female worker was injured as a result of the incident, suffering a fractured left collar bone, a cut to the back of the head, bruising and two fractures to her left shoulder blade.


Lifting Lug Stillage Bin: Secure and Safe Cranage Solution

If the correct stillage designed and fit for purpose had been used, alongside lifting risk assessments being implemented, this accident like so many others within the scaffolding and construction industry, could easily have been avoided.

St Helens Plant manufacture and supply scaffolding and scaffolding supplies. We also design, manufacture and supply a unique, scaffolding and construction specific range of stillage solutions. Manufacturing and supplying lifting lug stillage, the type that should have been used in this occasion.

The Lifting Lug Stillage Bin, is a standard single bar stillage that has been specifically designed by St Helens Plant to provide a robust, heavy duty solution for cranage of heavy scaffolding supplies, loose fittings and equipment.


Manufactured with lifting lugs permitting safe and secure stillage attachment, weighing 54kg, with a SWL of 1 tonne.




Working in Partnership towards Safer Solutions

Since the recent incident, St Helens Plant have been working with the companies in question to provide safer stillage solutions, designed with carnage ability alongside the strength to carry heavy equipment.

St Helens Plant specialise in providing tailor-made, solution focussed systems, specifically for the scaffolding and construction industries.

All stillage systems within our range have been designed, manufactured and supplied by St Helens Plant. Gaining local and national recognition for the fabrication of Aerospace stillage solutions alongside innovative warehouse stillage systems.

Our Passion is in the Production, Our Pride is in the Quality  


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If you’re in need of a robust, reliable and safer stillage solution for cranage of heavy equipment, storage and transportation of scaffolding or require a made-to-measure solution to fit your exact requirements. Contact St Helens Plant on – 01744 850 300 or email us at –



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