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Scaffold Fittings – Refurbished, Retested, Returned Restored  

The UK’s award winning, all-encompassing scaffold fabricators with nationwide scaffold fittings refurbishment centers.

St Helens Plant are renowned locally, nationally and internationally for outstanding scaffolding manufacturing, receiving an excellence award in 2016 for scaffold repair and reconditioning.

St Helens Plant are fully approved and accredited as one of the UK’s most diverse scaffold and metal refurbishment specialists. Providing repair and refurbishment of scaffold fittings, system scaffolding, scaffolding supplies and formwork.


Repair and Refurbishment of Scaffold Fittings and Systems

Our nationwide scaffold refurbishment centers are fully accredited ISO facilities, with the ability to provide a full spectrum of refurbishment and repairs services including;

  • Shot Blasting and PaintingFitting Refurbishment 030 (1)
  • Galvanisation
  • Testing and Verification
  • Bespoke Fabrication and Updated Modifications

All system scaffolding, scaffolding equipment and scaffold fittings refurbished or repaired are done so using a combination of traditional old-school techniques, alongside the latest cutting edge technology, our own experience and expertise.


Restored, Retested – Returned Refurbished

We pride ourselves on safety of supply. All system scaffolding, scaffolding supplies, scaffold fittings and equipment repaired or reconditioned by St Helens Plant, are retested and verified (where applicable) – in line with all ISO and HSE legislation.

We also provide a convenient and cost effective door-to-door collection and delivery service, with optional stock-swaps at low-hire rates also available, through our extensive network of associates.


Nationwide Scaffold Refurbishment Centers

St Helens Plant has an extensive and expanding nationwide network, with our main scaffold repair and refurbishment center located in Merseyside, St Helens.

We also have scaffold fittings and system scaffolding repair and reconditioning facilities in Scotland alongside our newly established facility, located in Ireland.

All repair and refurbishment facilities are fully ISO accredited and supported by St Helens Plant nationwide logistics division. Providing rapid response collection, repair, restore, retest and return – we manage the entire process.

Returning your aged, worn or damaged scaffolding stock back to a fit for working, profitable condition.


Get Quote

If you’d like more details or to arrange a quote for refurbishment of your scaffold fittings, systems or access equipment, contact  St Helens Plant on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk

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