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Scaffolding Advice and Helpful Hints…

Scaffolding for most is nothing but an eyesore, a sign of construction or a means to an end.

However you feel about scaffolding, without the use of scaffolding, working safely at height would not be possible. Scaffolding permit access to generally inaccessible areas and reduces the risk of falls and injuries when work at height is required.

Scaffolding is not a new concept, simply just one that works and has served as a safe and stable way to allow multiple trades to work at height during construction, repairs and maintenance.

So what’s the best type of scaffolding to choose and what type of options are available?

Take a look at some useful scaffolding advice and insight to help you understand the options and choices available when seeking a scaffold solution to provide the access you need.


Common Types of System Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a commodity that’s been in use for hundreds of years, the function and purpose has never changed however, the types, ability and flexibility we have today has progressed from labour intensive scaffolding requiring a multitude of tube and fittings to prefabricated, quick to install, system scaffolding such as Cuplock and Kwikstage.


Cuplock Scaffolding

Cuplock Scaffolding is a form of modular scaffolding also known as system scaffolding. Unique in design and composition, this robust, pre-fabricated scaffolding system is characterized by its unique node point allowing up to 4 horizontal members to be connected in a single, quick and easy action using a “cup” like fitting mechanism.

Cuplock Scaffolding Supplies


Kwikstage Scaffolding

Kwikstage system scaffolding is another front runner in terms of pre-fabricated, simplicity and ease of installation. Kwikstage is quick and easy to install, consisting of pre-fabricated components characterized by a unique wedge design that locks the system together by simply being tapped into the V-Press.

The huge benefits both Cuplock and Kwikstage provide far outweigh any type of scaffolding available, mainly because there’s no need for any loose fittings or parts. All components are conveniently pre-fabricated, extremely robust and take far less time to erect compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffold.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Supplies

Many contractors still widely use traditional tube and fitting scaffolding, however most do prefer the easy and convenience modern day system scaffolding provide.


Scaffolding Hire, Sale and Contracts

When it comes to seeking a scaffolding solution, there’s just as many considerations to the hire or sale options as there are types of scaffolding. Choosing what option is best when deciding on hiring, buying or seeking a fully managed scaffolding contract, will depend on the project at hand, your budget, resources and experience.

Many larger companies many opt to buy their scaffolding and choose to take the responsibility to maintain and repair the scaffold as and when necessary. Some smaller firms may opt to hire their scaffolding with the reassurance the scaffold will be in prime condition with no responsibility to repair, maintain, store or transport the scaffold.

Some companies, large and small may choose an all-inclusive, fully comprehensive option in opting for a fully managed scaffolding contract option. With this option the scaffolding is provided complete delivery and the scaffolders to erect the scaffolding alongside full project management and

JV Scaffolding Contractor Glasgow

Scotland’s First Choice, Fully Managed Scaffolding Contractor


Scaffolding Safety

All scaffolds used in construction projects, renovations and repairs, whether that be commercial, industrial or residential projects must be safe, stable and conform to relevant safety standards. When working at height scaffold safety and the safety of those working on the scaffolding must be a priority.

Safe scaffolding comes down to three things;

  1. Is the scaffolding structure safe and in line with UK safety standards?
  2. Are workers using the correct protective clothing and safety apparatus?
  3. Are workers following a safe working practice as set out by the HSE?


Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to consider when looking at the various options available when it comes to finding the most suitable solution to provide the access you need. It’s important to bear in mind, regardless of the type or options available, the safety of your scaffolding is always a priority.

Whether you choose to hire, buy or opt for a fully managed contract, make sure you do your research and seek a reputable and knowledgeable scaffolding supplier or manufacturer.

For more details on any of the scaffolding systems, fitting or supplies manufactured by St Helens Plant supplied worldwide, contact us 01744 850 300 or email us at – INFO@STHP.CO.UK


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