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Scaffolding Firm Suspended For 2 Weeks From Operating Vehicles

A Wallsend scaffolding firm has been suspended from operating for two weeks due to failing to improve vehicle safety standards.

Construction Access (NE) was suspended for a period of 14 days, after failing to improve vehicle safety standards. The Tyneside scaffolding firm were warned their vehicles would be impounded should they be used while the licence was suspended, after failing to make satisfactory maintenance improvements to vehicles, following an inspection.

failure to maintain vehicles

Deputy traffic commissioner Miles Dorrington ruled the companies fitness has been severely tarnished following a public enquiry on May 12th, held in Leeds.

A spokesman for the scaffolding firm based in Tyneside stated the individual responsible for vehicle up-keep and maintenance is no longer employed by the company, adding steps have been taken to ensure nothing of this nature happens again.

During a follow up it was found there were numerous anomalies such as missing paperwork and documents, driver defect reporting, a lack of record keeping and safety inspections of vehicles not being completed.

It was also reported one of the scaffolding firms vehicles had been stopped earlier in the month, whilst a prohibition notice was in effect.

The defects of the vehicles being ran by the scaffolding firm had not been addressed – despite this, the vehicles were still being ran and operated by the firm.


The scaffolding firm also had a further two fixed penalties for dangerous and unsafe loads.


Evidence from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) revealed the company had also been given a formal warning after the company had been called to public enquiry in August 2013, following concerns about driver compliance.

After the investigation and hearing, the Deputy Traffic Commissioner made the order to suspend the operators licence, adding this would be the only opportunity the north east scaffolding firm would be given to get things right.

The companies suspension was imposed from May 29th to June 13th for failure to maintain vehicles.

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