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Scaffolding Fittings Refurbishment and Suppliers

The scaffolding system of choice is by far modern day system scaffolding such as; Cuplock and Kwikstage.

That said, for decades – prior to the modern day modular systems alongside traditional tube and fitting scaffolding. Has been the longstanding system utilised by the majority of those that required a safe, stable and practical way to work at height and conduct construction.

There’s a lot to be said for traditional tube and fitting scaffolding so much so, despite the modern day progression with systems such as Cuplock and Kwikstage, many scaffolding firms and construction companies still to this day opt for tube and fitting scaffolding as their system of choice. Tube and fittings scaffolding is especially popular with companies and contractors  England.

St Helens Plant manufactures and supplies both the modular scaffold systems as well as tube and fitting scaffolding systems. Alongside all essential and necessary scaffold fittings, couplers and clamps.


Scaffolding Fittings Refurbishment

When it comes to investing in scaffolding, any type of scaffold is an essential tool or equipment if you like designed to be erected, inspected, maintained and dismantled by only those fully trained, qualified and capable to do so.

Like all tradesmen’s tools, they need maintained, repaired and looked after in order to remain in a fit for purpose, working condition.

The same is applicable to scaffolding, especially tube and fitting scaffolding.

It’s becoming harder and harder to find skilled and knowledgeable scaffold fitting manufacturers that are equipped with the skills and resources to provide essential repair and refurbishment of scaffold fittings.

St Helens Plant are the UK’s only original all-encompassing scaffold manufacturer with a dedicated scaffold fittings, repair and reconditioning center, in-house. We regularly repair and recondition scaffold fittings, couplers, clamps and all associated tube and fitting scaffolding components bringing them back to a fit for purpose working condition, in-line with all UK and EU safety standards.


The Art Form of Tube and Fitting Scaffolding

The composition of tube and fitting scaffolding consists of scaffolding tube that is connected to one and another using various scaffold clamps and couplers. Other scaffolding fittings are also implemented to permit for stair treads, hand rails, toeboards and guardrails. Scaffold boards are also used to provide the flat, stable working platforms.

To erect a traditional tube and fitting scaffolding structure is an art form in itself, like all old-school trades there will be a day that comes when tradesmen won’t utilise such a system. Much like the mechanics of yesteryear, when cars where mechanical machines of magnitude, with the majority now evolved into computerised vehicles.

That is however, the way of the world, progression and technology is evolution, we have to embrace.

Similarly, that’s what’s happened with traditional tube and fitting scaffolding. It has been shadowed with the modern day modular systems. Which are far more cost effective, time effective and productive.

However on the other hand, as the old fades out and makes way for the new, as does the skills it took to implement.

In a nutshell, we salute those who still use traditional tube and fitting scaffolding, it is an art form and those that can erect such a system are a dying breed.


More Details

For more details on any of the scaffold fittings refurbishment services or tube and fitting scaffolding systems manufactured by St Helens Plant, supplied worldwide contact us – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk

St Helens Plant - The UK's Leading Scaffolding Manufacturer

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