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SCAFFOLDING SAFETY ALERT – Stillage, Steel Pallets & Bins

Despite officials and governing bodies being notified twice this year so far of dangerous and unsafe scaffolding stillage’s being supplied to the UK Scaffolding Industry, no is action being taken and the situation overlooked.


St Helens Plant Limited the UKs leading scaffolding manufacturer have been in receipt of imported, faulty and overloaded stillage’s, cradles and bins un-fit for purpose and inadequately manufactured. Such production by oversea’s manufacturers supplying the UK scaffolding market have resulted in injury and accidents.



Poorly manufactured stillage, overloaded and no welded joints.


Upon receipt of this equipment St Helens Plant followed the correct procedure by informing the supplier followed by raising an internal alert within the industry to various Suppliers, Manufacturers and governing bodies.

Yet again this week St Helens Plant have been in receipt of poorly manufactured and quite simply dangerous scaffolding equipment. A deadly accident waiting to happen. Despite St Helens Plant raising three alerts on the 6th February 2004, 27th August 2009 and also this year 24th April and the 21st Novemeber 2013.



Inadequate welds, unsafe and dangerous

St Helens Plant then took the action to inform all fellow suppliers of the alert and the non-approved Pallets, Bins, Cradles and Stillage advising them to contact their customers and advise they inspect and take extra caution when transporting scaffolding using the non-approved equipment.

This certainly begs the question on the standard of inspection and also the enforcement of legislation that is in place within the UK. One wonders how these un-approved and inadequately produced materials can be in use on such a large scale when the UK is apparently governed and regulated.

Despite Governing Bodies being alerted on numerous occasions from 2004 to 2013 by St Helens Plant, the UK Scaffolding Industry is still not fully addressing these issues, with continuous supply to well know Scaffolding Supply companies throughout the UK still happening. Large quantities of scaffolding are being overloaded onto inadequately manufactured stillage’s an pallets & transported throughout the UK and within construction sites on a regular basis in a dangerous and unsafe manor.


collapsed stillage

Deadly, the result of poorly manufactured stillage which is in continuous supply to the UK market and Scaffolding Suppliers within the industry – imagine this fell onto a worker….


Accidents and injury have already occurred, it’s only a matter of time before a deadly incident is the result of the inadequate manufacturing that is being imported and supplying the UK market, alongside safe material and handling procedures not being followed, a deadly combination.


How Stillage, Steel Pallets and Bins should be Manufacture in accordance with British Safety Legislation as set out by the HSE

Haki-Type Stillage 


Steel Pallets & Bins 

steel-pallets and bins

One-Bar Stillage 

steel-pallets and bins


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